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Our Community / Re: Removing the Crepe
« Last post by theheartknows on Today at 08:19:44 PM »
A beautiful practice, Learning. Thank you!!!
Our Community / Re: Meet up near Toronto?
« Last post by FaithWalker on Today at 08:12:36 PM »
I think Watcher is thinking about coming.  He's working on getting his Passport, so Brain shouldn't be the only guy there.

I am watching this space.  It would depend on how much I could budget for it.  I've also never traveled that far before on my own, so I'm a bit scared, but excited at the same time. 

I would need to be home by Sunday night (June 30) to pick up the kids from MLCer. 

I have my Passport photo, now just need to finish the Passport paperwork.

I have no problems sharing a room with someone if need be, to lessen the financial burden for someone else who might be thinking of going but is worried about cost as well.
Our Community / Re: Meet up near Toronto?
« Last post by No expectations on Today at 08:05:14 PM »
I'm in!!! Yippppppppeeeeeeee!  I just need to book my flights.  Planning to come
on Tuesday or Wednesday.   Need to be home by Friday or Saturday.   

I'd really like to be able to visit with everyone.   I was also thinking, it would be awesome to have a spa day!  And a jazz festival?  How cool is that!!  I'm so excited  ;D

It would be fun if we could set up a gift exchange.   Maybe one of those, pick a gift or stealing kind. I do that every year at Christmas,  and it's always a blast!  We could put a limit on the cost of the gift, and ask everyone that wants to participate,  to bring a gift that commemorates their home town or state.  We could do it the day of our big get together!

If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.   ;)
« Last post by FaithWalker on Today at 07:48:50 PM »
Oh wow, so much has happened since I left off.  So much craziness. 

She needs a huge dose of reality.
Our Community / Re: Just smile, nod, and say Mmhmm.
« Last post by Kitty on Today at 07:20:40 PM »
It looks like smiling, nodding, and saying Mmhmm is definitely going to be in my future. H is cranky, I got a text from him tonight, he asked what I was doing. I told him I was visiting friends at the bowling alley. He wanted to know if our one friend who had surgery for a hernia was bowling, I said no, they took a blank.

Then he got b*tc#y, well I guess I'm not good enough to bowl there. I said, you had been talking about retiring, maybe D figured you didn't want to bowl. He said, I told him I wanted to bowl there...whatever I'm better off not being around anybody! I said, maybe he forgot, this is D we're talking about.

In true teenager fashion, I got, whatever...goodnight as my reply. So I said goodnight and left him to sulk.

I don't think I'm going to be answering any texts from him tomorrow. That's okay, I got shopping, and laundry, and meal prep for tomorrow.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far.
Our Community / Re: Pregnancy Health Question
« Last post by OffRoad on Today at 07:13:05 PM »

(If you are a woman who has had a biological baby with a MLCer — meaning you are the mother and he is the father — was your pregnancy healthy? Did you have any health complications before, during, or after the birth, and if so, what systems did they affect?

This would only apply if the woman was pregnat when the father was having a MLC, not if the pregnancy happened before the MLC.

Not necessarily. If one believes that there is a chemical/hormonal component to an MLC, that chemical component could have been there all along, part of the genetic makeup of our MLCer, just held in check by other chemical/hormonal components. This COULD (and I stress the term "could") conceivably mean that the chemical component might be genetic and passed along to the fetus.

Is it a long shot? Maybe. But when you consider that just having the RH negative factor for a mother can cause problems in a pregnancy, why not other factors in a father (or mother) that are unknown at this time? As an example, if onset of schizophrenia tends to be in the late teens to the early 20s for men, and the late 20s to early 30s for women (, what was the factor that caused it's onset at that time? Could a person of 21 with schizophrenic factor that had not yet manifested itself pass that component on to a fetus and cause a problem with a pregnancy? I doubt there has been a study, so it's a valid conjecture.

It's a discussion and thought process of possibilities, at any rate.
Our Community / Re: Not a group I ever thought I'd be apart of!
« Last post by Jay78 on Today at 07:12:39 PM »
Welcome to LBS planet. My heart goes out to you I remember my bd I felt alone, lost confused thank God for this forum all I can say is read read read and please protect your finances PLEASE our S are not thinking at all they are selfish and just horrible. I am going on 11 months and W is not even showing signs of lifting my W was like a runaway train with no breaks she is very impulsive and everything she has done has been impulsive so my New friend hold on tight this is going be a hella of ride that you will never forget. Hope to see you on the other side.
Our Community / Re: 1 HOUR, 1 DAY, 1 WEEK, 1 MONTH Still counting up!
« Last post by Kitty on Today at 07:00:30 PM »
You're right, he could flip tomorrow. Just enjoy the happier times around him when they come.
Our Community / Re: Beauty into Beast 5
« Last post by Kitty on Today at 06:54:49 PM »
I feel for you Mort. A cranky kid and a cranky Beast. At least you have the place to yourself now, enjoy the quiet.

How funny would it be if MIL did c block him?
Our Community / Re: Pregnancy Health Question
« Last post by Ready2Transform on Today at 06:47:14 PM »
Stress affects the immune system. Stress also affects gut microbiome since they are affected by the immune system.

I think too about the "LBS diet" so many of us default to right after BD. Though we usually discuss it in terms of the huge weight loss, that's a side effect of cutting out so many foods we were normally eating, so there may also be a nutritional aspect at play that clears up once we're not consuming it. I cut down to a very basic diet due to finances and lack of appetite right after BD, and it changed my health dramatically for the better. 
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