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Our Community / Re: A Wrinkle in Time
« Last post by FaithWalker on Today at 10:37:19 AM »
Happy belated birthday, Hero.

I'm sorry that SS22 hasn't responded, and that you are feeling lonely.  I know how that is.  I also agree that the contact can be triggering.  (((HUGS)))
I think it's reasonable to ask him to have a schedule with the kids.  Kids do so much better on a schedule.
Our Community / Re: Slow Learner
« Last post by FaithWalker on Today at 10:24:32 AM »
Dear S66,

Please watch this video.

It says everything that I want to say to you, and more.
Our Community / Re: Trust the MLC process???
« Last post by KeepItTogether on Today at 10:19:58 AM »
I’ve heard those words too Shelley. And it always stings when not followed up by actions. But at least the words are there. The ones we want to hear.  Which means they are “working on it.”  Yep, not supposed to focus on them—this I know. But to me, I take those words as a positive. Even if I know the actions are far far away.

Keep moving forward Shelley—you are doing great.
Our Community / Re: Trust the MLC process???
« Last post by SmilingthroughIt on Today at 10:01:45 AM »
That's awesome! I had numerous vacations cancelled due to H. I started doing the things I like to do. When he came by and told me he was "out of town". That really stung...of course out of town meant not my business it's a big secret...ya ok...but now I'm starting to see places I want to go...reminds me of Dr. SEUSS'S Book oh the places we will
Our Community / Re: If you could give advice....
« Last post by in it on Today at 09:57:48 AM »
Yep Acorn exactly. Good website Velika Out of the Fog. :)
Our Community / Re: If you could give advice....
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 09:52:57 AM »
Leave him be. 
Our Community / Re: What does everyone do for a living?
« Last post by Searching4Answers on Today at 09:51:16 AM »
Nas, have you taken any kind of aptitude test to see what careers would suit you? You could also research your Meyer-Briggs type for possible professions.

A job is always going to suck unless you enjoy what you do.

What I do for a living:  I am a Human Resources Manager for a small publishing company. We develop and publish psychological assessments (Autism diagnosis, speech and language assessments and many more)

Do I like what I do?:
Yes I do. I especially like the company that I work for.

Qualifications: Bachlor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource. A degree is not required for this field, it is preferred though but there are also certificates in HR too.

I switched careers when I was 40 (also graduated with my degree at 40). I worked in the grocery store for 20+ years before that. I chose HR because those were the duties/responsibilities that I liked as a manager at the grocery store.
Our Community / Re: Meet up near Toronto?
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 09:46:36 AM »
Yes , I have been thinking about this actually . Sort of thought about staying in and around airport for convenience of "flyer"...but not anything to "see" if that is of interest of those in Toronto for the 1st time. The Lakeshore is lovely, walkways along Lake Ontario, cafe's , shops etc... but very pricey . I will continue to do some research .. and I do have some contacts that may have some great ideas .

Hey, Barbie, any news from your contacts re accommodation?  NoEx would like to know where she could stay. 

Does anyone know which websites are excellent for finding accommodations in Toronto?  I’m clueless as I never stay in a Toronto hotel for obvious reasons.  I live not too far away!

MBIB, my apologies.  I totally forgot that you are planning on coming! So, 1 man is coming.  I wonder If there might be other men interested in joining us.
Our Community / Re: If you could give advice....
« Last post by xyzcf on Today at 09:36:16 AM »
I like this thread very much. The one sentence to express your thoughts really reasonates with me

I wish to comment on Velika’s remarks that “you should not engage with you MLCER ever. “

RCR has great advice on levels of contact. Each person does what feels best for themselves and is safe for them. Each situation is different. Those who have reconnected with their spouse have at times maintained some contact.

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