Author Topic: My Story H superglued to replay,...but something positive happened to ME today!  (Read 1115 times)

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Thats even better news that your protected legally with your property!   How exciting!

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Just catching up, attaching, and hope you enjoyed the gift basket from the Karma bus!  8) :-*

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Thank you, Keep, for thinking about the stuff that could really get me in trouble. Morte, like I said, your 2018 production at the Karma Factory is totally sold out!

I'm lurching and reading peoples' posts. Sorry if i'm not finding the energy to put in my 2 cents, I'm knackered tonight. Got a lot on work wise but positive, but leaving no time to write.

Someone please remind me to update on the suing business between H, OW/psycho witch and me and poor, lovely, sweet, caring, wonderful D20.

Was out at my old business/winery all day today getting prepared for my first tasting of the season tomorrow. Place looked like absolute crap this morning, builders and cement mixers, bits of plastic, tubes, awful total mess everywhere. Worked all day with the lovely lady who had worked for me since S13 was born. Scraped fresh paint off the floor of the sales room with my nails. Just repainted them.

Told the new owner, when he asked for info on stuff tonight, that I was exhausted and could not answer for a couple of days. That me and the lovely lady had been two Cinderellas today. He did answer in a caring way. He said he was sorry to hear this and that he did hope I would be getting to the ball. It gave me a good laugh.

Tomorrow morning, shower and hair, then jeans and trainers to go and finish setting up the tasting. Around 1.30pm, I will do a Wonder Woman spin and change into 'fancy' clothes to welcome my first tour of the season as if nothing unusual has happened since last October.

Tomorrow night, Prosecco!
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Sorry to hear so tired Milly, you have such a strong work ethic. Good luck with the tasting, hope it is a great success, wish I was there!

Would love to hear an update on the case when you have the time/energy! I hope it is good news! 🤞
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Congrats! Sorry you’ve been tired but I hope the tasting went well.

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Tomorrow morning, shower and hair, then jeans and trainers to go and finish setting up the tasting. Around 1.30pm, I will do a Wonder Woman spin and change into 'fancy' clothes to welcome my first tour of the season as if nothing unusual has happened since last October.

I would love to see this! 

I hope all goes as you would like.   

Update us on the suing when you catch your breath. 
After all, tomorrow is another day.
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Sounds a bit like someone at the Winery forgot the P7 Principle (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance ) and you pulled off another miracle... I mean, seriously, who has cement mixers and tubes 2 days before a big event?

The property sounds great. I know enough about that area to be able to imagine roughly where the flat is and that is such a wonderful area... I have a lot of great memories of a couple of summer vacations in Tuscany but it may take me a while to go back because they all involved STBXW...

Getting it at auction for base price is a GREAT thing and I am REALLY glad for you... It gives you a base to start from to grow your empire!

Baroness Milly... I like the sound of that.. ;)
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Just catching up! Lovely news!!! So glad you were able to get the place at base price, the sun is shining!!!!

I agree that having some financial stability really boosts our morale ;)

I hope the tasting goes well.

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Aww, guys, you are just so sweet that I have to thank you CLG, Really, Still, UM, and Mizpah. The tasting did go well. The place was stunning by the time the 'people' arrived. Just gorgeous, straight from a magazine. I took before and after pictures for the new owner.

It was really crazy until the last moment. It poured during the whole tasting but everyone was happy. Once they left, I came home and lay down never to move again!

I'm posting from my bed, something I never do (unless I'm on holiday). I am EXHAUSTED!!! Not too exhausted to drink, though! The little TV's on, making noise behind my PC screen, S13 brought me a big glass of white wine and a bowl of soup.

And so the tasting season begins. I make money on tastings on top of my salary so I really want it to go well. I do enjoy them though, it's not just about the money. The people are fascinating and are so grateful to be taught about wine in a way that makes it less scary.

UM, If you've been to my area, you probably do know my village, it's the main one in Chianti Classico. If you don't know my village, you know the one beside it and it's the same thing, basically. Thank you so much for saying I worked a miracle. YESTERDAY morning: corrugated tubes everywhere, cement mixer as you say, junk, wires, buckets of rubbish, large black bin bags of 'stuff', piles of cement bags, large wood planks for scaffolding on the ground and against the walls, the whole tasting area covered in thick paper, painters walking about dribbling cream paint, painty foot prints following them, sales room not even painted yet never mind having wine in it, no furniture unpacked yet, no plants set out, NO GRAVEL, ie the outside floor - just mud! Large tools, large plastic coverings in piles, tiny bits of coloured plastic everywhere, cigarette buts, where the grass could it grew knee high between stuff. No furniture, no accessories in the rest room - couldn't be done earlier since the builders still needed to finish it.

I don't know how we did.

I had brought my make up and hair curler in a little paper bag. 5 minutes before they arrived I did my hair and reapplied my make up. Walked outside with my jacket on and big scarf wrapped around my shoulders. I was there waiting for them as they drove up as if I had had nothing to do.

UM, thanks for the knighthood! Baroness Milly, that's cute!
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Catching up Milly.  Wow!  That's incredible! 

Also super thrilled to hear about your property blessings.  Yes!
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