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Author Topic: Mirror-Work Return Stories Part Three

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Mirror-Work Return Stories Part Three
#90: October 31, 2023, 06:21:59 AM
Yes I fear you are right, SIL is still/again in MLC.

One thing that rang a huge bell when I called her : I told SIL that praying is helping a lot (she is very Christian) and she told me that, since the death of her father, she is not able to say anymore "Our Father". That sounds totally MLC.

I plan to call her from time to time. It is a so easy to help her. I would be delighted if someone could do that for my W ;D

During my last holidays I have spent time with SIL as we were 3 days to my brother's home. She was very happy to announce me that she is seeing an IC every two week (my strong suggestion) and she is adressing her FOO wounds. She looked to me a lot better than she was in July and we had a lot of discussions and good time together. I talked a bit about W but without details and without any inputs regarding OM. My brother is not the best husband in the world (not the worst) but he has done progresses. I am happy for them. I would love that someone with good intentions talks with my W as I have talked with SIL, but it is totally beyond my control.
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Return Stories Part Three
#91: October 31, 2023, 06:34:49 AM
I would love that someone with good intentions talks with my W as I have talked with SIL, but it is totally beyond my control.

Not only is it beyond your control, unless the Mid-Lifer is really willing to listen and consider what the person has to say, regardless of how well-intentioned they are, that person will just be slagged off and lumped into the "against me" crowd. 

Very similar to an alcoholic - until they WANT to get off the sauce, until they see a need to stop drinking, anyone who suggests they have a problem is the enemy.
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