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Author Topic: My Story Aliens stole my W!!!!! Part 11: Mars Attacks!!!

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My Story Aliens stole my W!!!!! Part 11: Mars Attacks!!!
#150: October 08, 2021, 12:34:15 PM
Fascinating update, as always.  So her mother being there does not keep her calm, really. Does it do the opposite at all? How does your W get along with the rest of her family, in general?

I also have a question.
I find that as LBS progresses the need, desire or acceptance of outside affirmation continues to wane. I wonder if there comes a point where outside influence is completely irrelevant. That is a sad thought. On one hand, it would imply strength...... but really it just says you are not vulnerable, and emotionally closed.
Why would a person feeling outside influence is irrelevant mean (to you, anyway) that they are not vulnerable or emotionally closed? I can see where that COULD occur, but not where if A, the B MUST follow. Do you not think you can you can think outside influence from someone could be irrelevant to whatever situation you are dealing with, yet still recognize that their attempt at influence is important to them and act accordingly? Kind of like when someone tries to give advice before they know the whole picture. They have no influence because you know they don't know the whole picture, but you know they are just trying to help. I don't think that makes a person emotionally closed off, just discerning on what is important. But perhaps I am not understadning your meaning?

Well, I had an opportunity to talk to MIL for a moment today. They are leaving on Wednesday, and so I off handedly commented a wondering of "and I'll be on watch to see if W goes to be with you for the holidays"......... MIL responded with "Yes, she is working on that right now, she has to get it all worked out with her work first".
And there it is: The question is answered. Now I can make plans, there won't be a W this Christmas once again (unless something drastic happens). That is both a disappointment and a relief. It is what it is. Better to know than not.  :) 

I have gone ahead and booked my next vacation for the end of Feb  ;D ;D ;D
This time I'm doing it right, and going to visit come rollercoasters. I can't wait. A vacation of vacations!! Another thing to cross off the bucket list..... no MLC will stop me.  ;)
Now I have four months to get that 6-pack before hitting a water park. Great motivating factor. Do or die, "gonna diet like it's 19, 99!!" HA!! 

Hi Offroad  :D
I'll reply in the next thread, just so it doesn't end and get cut up  :D 

How about that.... another 150 in the can, and another thread comes to an end.  8)
On to part 12!!!

Lock me up Thunder!!  ;)

One day at a time,


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Aliens stole my W!!!!! Part 11: Mars Attacks!!!
#151: October 09, 2021, 09:01:22 AM
Well, no one has lock this up YET, soooooo...

Sorry to hear about the holidays, SS. I'm amazed at your ability to take this all in stride.

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Aliens stole my W!!!!! Part 11: Mars Attacks!!!
#152: October 10, 2021, 10:13:07 PM
Hi SS,

Sorry to hear about your W's holiday trip but very glad that you already have plans to visit some fun amusement parks.   This holiday is going to be challenging for me as this will be my first holiday alone without W.   Our arrangements aren't finalized yet so unsure what my plans will be with and without my kids.   Looks like I need to be thinking about my own trip when I do have some downtime on my own.    Amusement parks, beach, or some skiing sound like fun.  Hope your trip planning goes well and you come up with a great trip.


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Aliens stole my W!!!!! Part 11: Mars Attacks!!!
#153: October 12, 2021, 01:27:34 AM
It's time!

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