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#150: July 08, 2021, 03:43:31 PM
Hi Thunder,

Well when S18 first entered my car he was texting away feverishly so I know he was getting instructions from his mom. Getting him to talk about the driving school was like pulling teeth but I attribute that to him being up at 8am.

He did say that his mom relayed to him which pharmacy I should be using which is normal I guess. She preferred I use the one where she has their information. Now that comment did unsettle me a bit because I realized that I'm territorial.

She had 6 years to help S18 with his acne issue and I don't want her on board now. Stay out of the way. Same goes for the driving school since I'm carrying the financial burden of both on my own.

Oh IDK how I would react if I hear S18 say one day that his mom is taking him to the dermatologist. Again she had her chance to help him. I believe she will stay out of it ,though, since she is hiding from the house issue.

Now when we returned home we had to wait for her to arrive. S18 checked both doors and they were locked so he was not informed by her that she would be leaving obviously. He texted her and sat in my car while waiting.

She then called him on the phone and he stepped outside the car to take the call which was fine because I didn't want to hear her voice anyway. That was just more instructions. She had already texted him that she was on the way.

So she returned to her driveway and waited until I left the area before exiting her car as usual. Again she is avoiding the home sale issue.

Tomorrow I'm picking him up late since I am working. Saturday I will have him up early and we will be outdoors either hiking or kayaking. He can sleep late on Sunday as we practice driving on that day.

Yes it is amazing how he is no longer afraid to accept anything from me and I do like how he picks out where he wants to eat. Now last February he first mentioned this acne issue to me but he wasn't ready for me to help yet.

I immediately did research and brought him tons of product, lol. I brought a case of this beauty bar soap for his face and he has been taking one bar at a time.

Now it was in May when he finally asked me for help btw. So he would take one bar and then always tell me he took one. Like he didn't want to get in trouble, eventhough, I've been telling him since February to take the case of soap home with him.

So today at the diner he was telling me how his bar of soap had whittled down to nothing and he finally said, oh maybe I should take that case of soap home with me.  ;D Finally.

Thanks Thunder
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#151: July 09, 2021, 12:51:04 AM
I'll reply here because 1) I'm a Mod and I can and 2) you haven't started a new thread yet....

My guess on the soap is that he remembers that BSC xW did all kinds of crazy $#!t with whatever you bought the boys previously so he was limiting the risk by taking one bar at a time... After all, if he took the whole case and xW "disappeared it" one day, he'd be stuffed....

It is good though that he is asking you for stuff now. He is finally beginning to trust that you are not the Ogre xW and MIL made you out to be....

Trust takes time to build, especially when you have been subject to rigorous programming for so many years...

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