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Author Topic: My Story Every Storm Runs Out of Rain - 5

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My Story Re: Every Storm Runs Out of Rain - 5
#150: May 19, 2021, 02:37:19 PM
Oh, UrsaMajor - LOL, leave it to you to find a toolbox GIF.

D went with my sister and I for our walk. We changed things up a bit. We started an hour earlier due to the forecast, which projected a much hotter day than last Wednesday. They were off by quite a bit. It was already 65 when we started at 8 am and is now 88. We also went to a different bakery to get our morning coffee, but decided to stick to our usual path and show D the route we normally take. The new bakery location meant it added a little more distance to our walk, so we finished at just shy of 6 miles today.

D enjoyed herself and I was grateful the path is very flat, as by the 4th mile, D's hips and ankle were sore. The poor kid is just having to continue to work on this ongoing issue that stems from that ankle injury. The PT helps immensely, but she knows this is going to be a lifelong issue.

That said, mentally, it was really good for D to be out with my sister and I, even if we made sure to embarrass her by just being our silly selves. What can I say, my sister and I laugh at very stupid things sometimes. We have for the most part encountered very friendly people, but we have had some funny experiences. Like last week, the man who suddenly started riding no hands on his bike and proclaimed to my sister and I it was very chilly out. Ummmm, it was nearly 80 and the sun was hitting him. We noticed later that every time he passed any women he was riding with no hands. Impressive balance, okay - but I don't think I have seen that particular pick up move since IDK, middle school? LOL.

D and I ran some errands on the way home, but I could see the mood was changing. We were both getting cranky. I was tired and I knew the heat had gotten to me. I needed to go rehydrate and just lie down for an hour. D, she started to doze off on the way home, but assured me she was not tired. That is when the tears came. Oh boy. I was in no mood for that.

I have been waiting for the meltdown over Xh and the dog. D was upset, thinking S had invited Xh to go along to the vet. I explained to her that is not how things happened and at the time S and I just rolled with it. The dog needed to be kept calm and didn't need Xh's potential drama in the mix. D said she understood that and knows it had to be a difficult situation to navigate. But, what D also brought up was S was grumbling because Xh wants some of the dogs ashes. I hadn't heard this one, but seems Xh mentioned it to S the other day. I shook my head and thought this is just great - Xh can't leave any of it alone. And, if it were some sort of "normal divorce" where there had been actual coparenting and interactions, I doubt this conversation with D would have even happened. I have to think this one out, but as I told D, we aren't there yet, as the dog's ashes haven't been delivered.

I came home and took a nap, which is so unlike me. I was wiped out from the heat, but S also reminded me what I had done last night and I had reason to be tired. Oh, right - I forgot. LOL. I worked outside most of yesterday and did a ton of yard work, but then I decided to tear off the lower part of the deck. I had noticed last year one section was rotted out and it was a MLC addition to the deck. Big surprise, I know. I realized that I may not be able to replace it just yet, but it needed to come off because one back beam would no doubt have been tied into the main deck and I didn't need a bigger issue. The original deck, Xh and I designed and built with additional supports, etc. The addition - whole other time period and fortunately it was not a danger, as it was used for lower seating near the fire pit.

S came over and sat down. He would have helped and had offered to just bring the tractor over and pull the thing off with a chain, but he was pretty sure he had broken his toe earlier and was icing his foot. I told him to just sit and enjoy the whole show because I was having a whole lot of fun. S and I made a game out of it, guessing if there were support beams under the one section or not. Oh, Xh put in posts, but IDK how I felt about the lack of concrete to set the posts. We were just about in tears laughing about it. Fortunately, it is the only part of the deck that I question the structural integrity on. But, I was right, the one beam at the bottom needs to be replaced. And the biggest problem always was that Xh didn't leave any gaps on that part of the deck. Water just pooled there and would slowly drip off. When we questioned him when he was building it we were basically told to mind our own business.  ::)

I am rethinking that area now. If I do put the seating back, I know what has to happen. Fortunately, it is not something that has to happen soon or at all. I will replace the lower facing beam, which is not rotted all the way through or a problem yet and go from there.

D is not one to do construction, but I think she might have really been able to burn so much of that aggravation away using a crowbar last night. Especially since it was a MLCer era project. There is something very rewarding about stripping away those little reminders. LOL
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