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Author Topic: My Story You Can't Touch This

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My Story You Can't Touch This
#40: October 13, 2021, 09:41:19 AM
Happy BDay S16? Time flies doesn't it? Dorney Park? My nephew just went there with his buddies and had a blast.

That outlaws "vacation" sounds like a complete nightmare. Who doesn't pay for their own kids' meals????  But I do understand the FOMO. Of course, now that you have Disney to look forward to, let them have all that FOMO b/c this trip will be phenomenal! Do you come to CA or FL? S15 wants to go to FL again--we only went once when he was 8.  So much magic. Now I want to plan another trip!

You, like most in your (our) profession are way to hard on yourself. Progress? Well yes of course, you've made amazing progress. You are not sugar-coating things or trying to convince yourself and others that you are better off. Nor are you diving into a relationship until you know you are healed. Being triggered by seeing your ex-husband with your childhood friend is pretty normal and could be something you never really get over. I don't know that I could. That level of betrayal cuts to the core. No need to prove anything to anyone. You have enough on your plate single-handedly raising 2 pretty amazing humans.

Anyway, let them choke on their nasty pineapple. You've got an appointment with a mouse. ;)  And so many other great things in store.
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You Can't Touch This
#41: October 13, 2021, 06:29:15 PM
We are in Six Flags Great Adventure land here. We usually get annual passes but COVID so it was a one and done birthday treat this year.  But Dorney and Hershey are driving distance for us too.

We are headed to Disney World in Florida in November. We have been to the Land in California a few times but not for many years. Neither kid has any recollection of Disney CA and I am not even sure S was born the last time we were there. We are trying to plan a trip to Europe next summer with my brother  but if that falls through I was thinking about heading in to San Diego to visit family there and then driving up the coast (with a stop at Disneyland) and ending up in San Fransisco with my brother.  Of course, Hawaii is on my bucket list too.

In accidental LB news, SPQ’s brother had a huge 9 3/4 birthday party for his daughter this week and I got to see pictures of the Pineapple King and Queen on social media at the birthday party. Now LB didn’t do crap for S’s 16th birthday last week but there he is on social media at SPQ’s niece’s not real birthday party. Irritated every fiber in my body. Oh, I was cursing Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle and all their mindfulness bull poop that day because neither of them has ever had to look at this kind of stupid on social media.  Although I am sure Deepak and Eckhart would both disagree with me, this is not a trigger I can overcome in this lifetime. 

But I did recover faster that ever from this social media horror. Maybe this is spiritual growth, but I think it was mostly aided by SPQ looking like an absolute monstrosity in the pictures. She has to be close to 300 pounds now sitting there in a bright tie dye shirt and just looking awful.  What on earth?  We are talking some unhealthy weight. Just absolutely unrecognizable as my childhood friend.

The kids tell me LB is on weight watchers now.  Ya think? That is 5 years of terrible choices y’all got going on there on the inter web folks. Lordy!!
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Re: You Can't Touch This
#42: October 14, 2021, 04:48:56 PM
I think the bouncing back quicker thing is a good measure of healing DF. I noticed it in myself at some point in my journey, from depths of despair that would rock me for days, to processing it and letting go. I found out exH had a baby with OW, 18 months ago, and the baby was about 6 months old by then, it was only hours that it threw me, then back on track. It is a good feeling to not have your feelings dictated to by what they are doing.
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