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Title: How to Search and How to Search Threads Started by A Specific User
Post by: Rollercoasterider on October 13, 2011, 05:14:24 PM
How To Search For Topics Started By A Specific User

I cannot show you how to search for only story threads or only topics threads, this tutorial will show you all threads started by a specific user. Maybe someday in a paid-for theme or through a plugin it can happen.

Let’s use me as an example. You want to search threads started by me.

Click on my name—it’s all over the board, you can click on it in the sidebar of one of my posts—as in this image.

That will take you to my profile. Look down and see where the arrow is pointing to the link that says Show Posts and click that link.

That will take you to a list of all my posts. But that is every post with the most recent first. You can’t tell if I started that thread! But look at the top area. See how the word Messages is a different color? That’s because it defaults to the list of all messages. But next to that is a link that says Topics. Click that.

This will bring you to a list that looks similar to the previous list, but it’s a list of my threads—it shows the first post of each thread which is why it’s not just a list of thread titles. It will show you 15 threads per page. As you can see, mine shows three pages. Most people only have one page, so usually you won’t have to look at several pages. Just scroll down and you will see every thread started by that person—that your permissions allow you to see. So if you are not a subscriber, it won’t show you subscriber threads.