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Author Topic: My Story •• Calming the crazy, life after divorce


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My Story Re: •• Calming the crazy, life after divorce
#40: September 19, 2023, 05:06:06 AM

KAs father passed away yesterday at age 88. It was probably the best way to go, in his sleep, in the middle of the night. She messaged me at 2:20 am after getting the call from the nursing home where he had been just six days. Her and her mom had visited him just 7 hrs earlier and he didn't even seem to know they were there. I took a sick day to be with her. Her XH brought over D11 to tell her in person. KA told me she hadn't cried yet. Despite him living with her, they were not close and he wasn't in her life much growing up.

I went kayaking over the weekend with eight friends which included MM borrowing a friends kayak. Tonight, I had agreed to go with her to her ex bfs sons house to get her stuff. Tomorrow will be more kayaking and she will be there. I had forgotten just how prevalent she is in my life. There was a time when she drove me crazy and I may be getting back to that seeing her twice a week. She's pleasant and all that but has strong opinions and is forceful, not taking no.

This weekend I will see KA just Friday night as I go to a grade school friends annual party in IL. I'll sleep over at my parents house in my old room and celebrate my moms birthday with family on Sunday. My weekday get together night with KA has switched to Monday on account of her dog.

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