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Author Topic: Resources Stand Up and THRIVE! Membership for Forward Moving Spouses!

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Are you interested in getting more help, more support from a group of your peers? Are you struggling with detachment?

Check out Stand Up and THRIVE!, my membership for Left Behind and Forward Moving Spouses.

What does it include?

  • 2 weekly 30 minute Zoom Lives (Pacific Time Zone 9am once and 2pm once)
  • 1 weekly two hour Zoom Group Coaching (Pacific Time Zone, alternating 9-11am one week and 1-3pm the next week)
  • Facebook Live Archives: MLC Q&A starting in mid 2020
  • MLC Q&A
    The goal is to have a large enough group with enough submissions for a weekly Zoom 60 minute Live (like FB Live) for Q&A.
    As of now, the group is small and I don’t receive enough submissions in a week. Instead, I pre-record answers to each question and post them in the Q&A Archives for the membership.
  • Detach & Thrive
    This is a 5-module online course delivered over 8 weeks to help you understand and practice Detachment. It includes recorded videos and workbooks.
  • Private board at this forum
    There is a private board here at the forum that is open only to the moderator/mentors and Stand Up and THRIVE! members. It works just like the public board, but only mods and paying members can read and post. This is a safety from snooping spouses of you’re concerned.
    Stand Up and THRIVE! members need to let me know if they want to be added to this board, as the platforms are not connected and I will need to add you manually. The group is presently small, but the more we get and who join, the more we can utilize this private board asset.
Stand Up and THRIVE! is new and I’m still testing cart open/close periods as of this writing (07 Feb 2023). I will likely open for a week each month or a week after every 8 week Detach & Thrive session completes delivery—so that each new group comes in together. I may experiment with both of those schedules before settling.
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