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Author Topic: Resources Check out more Resources from The Hero's Spouse!

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Resources Check out more Resources from The Hero's Spouse!
OP: February 07, 2023, 11:15:45 AM
Hey everyone, have you heard about the other resources at The Hero's Spouse?

Understanding Midlife Crisis
This is a FREE online video course with 3 modules and takes about 2 hours. I created it to get Forward Moving Spouses through the WHY, WHY WHY's that accompany the initial shock, panic and anxiety after Bomb Drop. It also includes a downloadable guide to getting around The Hero's Spouse website: where to start reading, what to start doing... some newbie basics. You'll also be added to my email list; I try to send out a weekly email in which I discuss important topics about MLC and healing for Forward Moving Spouses.

How Can I Tell if my Spouse is Having a Midlife Crisis?
Are you unsure or wondering if your spouse is in a Midlife Crisis? Take the Quiz!

Q&A Recordings
Each week I answer questions and stream the recording to YouTube, the Private  Facebook Community and the Public Facebook Page. These questions are also in the archived media sections of those Facebook pages as well as at YouTube. I try to limit myself to answering 3 per week--but sometimes I can't help myself and do more! Use the submission form to submit your questions.

Private  Facebook Community
The Facebook Community is a lot like the forum, but in a Facebook format. I personally love it here because you can have dedicated threads and we can follow your story and progress. But the Facebook group is also quite active. It's newer--started in 2020--and there are a lot of newbies coming in regularly. This is also one of the places you can go to watch the Q&A recordings.

Public Facebook Page
This is really just another place for watching the Q&A recordings and for anyone searching Facebook for MLC information to find The Hero's Spouse.

Right now this is not a major focus. I use to to stream the Q&As and if you don't want to use Facebook, this is another option.
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