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Author Topic: Forum-Info Posting Guidelines: Starting a Topic (Thread)

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Forum-Info Posting Guidelines: Starting a Topic (Thread)
OP: April 30, 2010, 01:02:49 PM
When starting a thread, choose a message icon indicating the type of thread. The icons and their descriptions can be found in the pull down menu at the top of the posting box.

My Story
This is a record of your journey. Start a thread dedicated to your situation—including common questions you may have. Others will post support and feedback. Please maintain a single story thread until 10 or more pages and then you may request I lock it—multiple threads tend to confuse readers and make it difficult for us to follow your situation and progress. When you start a new story thread, please put a link to your old thread, then return to your previous thread one last time and provide a link to your new thread. You can paste a link by going to the address bar at the top, selecting copy, control c or right click for the menu in MS-Office, then go to the location where you are going to paste and in MS Office select Control v or right click for the menu. Sometimes I find it easiest to do this by having both thread windows open at the same time.
The icon with the P is for the Private Board.

Purple Story-Books
Permission must be granted to use the purple story-book icons! Speak with a Mentor/Moderator, OldPilot or me (Rollercoasterider) about why you feel your situation qualifies.

These are still a record of your journey. These are used so that others can easily find stories where the left behind spouse is seeing increasing levels of progress.
Reconnecting is the start; use this when your MLCer first moves home. Some MLCers come and go multiple times, so hold off on using the Rebuilding icon until your MLCer has been home for at least 12 months (though 18 months is even better) and you feel secure. Don’t use it if they've been home and you still feel they are in the midst of MLC; Rebuilding is meant for when MLC is over! YAY

There can be low levels of Reconnection, that is not what this is for. Use this for serious Reconnection—so it needs to have been going on for some time and usually your MLCer is home. Some MLCers move in and out multiple times. I might have used this icon for some of Chuck's longer/more serious returns. But often things will still be rocky and a situation may go back to the white story icon. By leaving the older threads with this icon, you can even look back and see the ups and downs-and it is important that newbies realize ups and downs are part of MLC-Normal.
This is not meant for an At-Home MLCer who simply never left.
This is when MLC is over. That means it is not to be used lightly. Chuck came home 8 times and I don’t think I would have thought we were ready for this icon once during my stay at the other forum. If things still feel rocky, don't use it. I recommend that you not use this icon for at least 12 months and preferably 18 months after your MLCer has moved home and you have been feeling more secure in working together toward reconciling. Stayed and I can use it. ;)
Though much of the next three will be included in your story thread, use these categories to discuss general things you notice or questions you may have. Common questions or advice for everyone—this way it is not buried in one person's story thread.

About Midlife Crisis or Infidelity
Discuss MLC and MLCer behaviours
Your questions: Why does…When will… What is…?
Goal Setting strategies, your progress, Paving the Way topics: Detachment, Forgiveness…
Standing Issues & Dealing with your MLCer
Put your heart into communication. Discuss tactics and strategies on topics such as communicating with your MLCer; going Dark, Dim or No Contact, Cake-Eating, Legal Issues…
Conversation and Debate
Start a discussion on MLC and Standing topics (Ex. Is there really such a thing as a midlife crisis?)
Sometimes these topics spark controversy. We need to ask ourselves the difficult questions. This is meant as a safe place, but it is not meant to be a place where you can hide from the world.
Sometimes people want to meet in person, use this icon to start a thread to talk about a setting up a group meeting. Post Meet-Ups in the Public Board.
Birthday wishes, daily quotes, share a recipe, holiday greetings…
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Re: Posting Guidelines: Starting a Topic (Thread)
#1: October 15, 2010, 12:23:53 PM
Quote from: OldPilot

RCR has asked everyone to keep to one thread until  that thread is 150 posts

Please help us to maintain this site for us by abiding by those rules.
It also makes it easier on those of us trying to read all these threads
and give you advice to stick to this format.

This is in big type and bold so no one will miss it.
Just a suggestion for everyone that is starting a new thread.
After you start it put a link in your old thread and new thead linking the two threads so when we are reading one you can jump to the next one.
You can just copy the URL and paste it on your thread and it will give you the link.

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