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Our Community / Re: They just don't understand
« Last post by Stand Tall on Today at 09:08:11 PM »
xyzcf, Treasur,

  So, after moving all his personal belonging to my kitchen and closing off MY bedroom he taught me a good lesson. "Expect Nothing" he was a no show.  ;). I'm learning.

  Now I will put all his personal belonging in the spare bedroom. He wants to be a roommate then he can have the spare bedroom along with the cats litter box. All my important items are in my room and I'm going to put a lock on my door.

  You are right Treasur. Divorce is only a word. So if he wants one then he can go get one. I think the biggest reason that I don't want the divorce right now is because while working on me I'm getting all my health issues up to date. With a divorce I will lose my health insurance. I have been working my but off getting things taken care of. Tomorrow I will be getting new teeth. That is going to really help with my self esteem.

  God is definitely guiding me along the way. Everytime I ask for assistance from people on HS I get the perfect advice that gets my brain working and I come up with the perfect solutions that I think will work for me.

  Thank you
  Stand Tall
And my original tag ended with “do I keep telling him I love him”.
So now I know the answer to that!
Our Community / Re: Crazy Train to Nowhere - 6
« Last post by The lighthouse on Today at 08:44:05 PM »
Following along RT.

Enjoy your trip.  :)
Our Community / Re: The Positives XXI
« Last post by The lighthouse on Today at 08:38:03 PM »
Just catching up Serenity.

I'm sorry the move was so difficult for you and that some of your things were broken. 

Interesting news about H!  Will be interesting to see how long it take him to contact again.

I'm glad you have been shown so much kindness and told how much you will be missed. 

Hopefully your back will settle down now that all the heavy lifting is over and you can enjoy getting your new home looking just the way you want it.

Hugs to you.  :) xx

Anjae, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too good.  I hope that terrible heat calms down for you soon and that you feel better.
Our Community / Re: Crazy Train to Nowhere - 6
« Last post by Reallytrying on Today at 08:12:09 PM »
H back to being chatty  ::). On Tuesday night he texted complaining about getting his car back from the mechanic and it still wasn’t working. Wednesday morning I had a frustrating experience with a car dealership. I texted him and we had a pleasant conversation. He ended it with saying that if I don’t get it sorted out to her him know because he’s alresdy yelled at one mechanic he’d be happy to yell at another 😂😂😂.

He came over to take D and her boyfriend to the zoo. Since I’m going out of town and I wasn’t able to get the appointment at the dealership I asked him to take a look at my tires because the car was feeling funny. He looked at the first tire then back at me in horror. By the time he was done he said I don’t know how none of these tires have blown out on you 😱. He’s not an alarmist usually and he said you can’t drive out of town on these - don’t have to tell me twice! He suggested I call the place he uses - then he said I’ll call them you call some other places so we can compare the prices. He drove out with D. None of the places I called had my back tire in stock. His place did. When I got there the work order was waiting for me. D texted from the car asking if he was on the phone with the tire place for me. I said yes. Her reply:  he is so strange.

I got back from the tire place at the same time they got back from the zoo. They had over inflated my tires so he corrected the tire pressure. They had bought dinner. D commented that he said - make sure whatever you get is something Mom will want too. She was surprised about that. I was sitting in the kitchen. He was in the tv room with S then got up to come talk to me. We chatted for about an hour about religion, news, etc. At one point I said I didn’t understand how people could do something and he said “because you are very intelligent RT!”  We even made up this entire scenario of a news story where a mom and her kids were missing - they interviews the dad. H and I said in synchrony “he did it!”  This morning when I woke up I saw that the dad had confessed I sent it to H. He said “welll duh, I solved that one in 2 minutes” 😂😂😂😂. He eventually left last night after about 2 hours of chatting with me.

Today we continued with chatting planning the weekend. I let him know what hotel D and I would be at and he did the same thing with hotel info for him and S. I joked that we were at a much higher caliber hotel than they were. This afternoon he texted to ask if I had remembered to make arrangements for the dog. I was floored that he remembered that we have a dog.

D and I will head out in the morning so we can site see along the way. H has an appointment and then will get S in the early afternoon. I’m looking forward to our fun mother daughter trip n
Our Community / Re: Is it my turn yet?
« Last post by Anjae on Today at 07:54:18 PM »
There is a real condition called sexsomnia, a sleep disorder. Someone that is asleep will have sex/want to/assault to. Once, many years before MLC, Mr J tried to me intimate with me while he was asleep. It was a once thing and he didn't really remember. I am not saying your husband was having a sexonia episode, just that is exists.

That was followed up by another sexual assault, soon afterward.  As I was screaming "NO!", he chased me around while masturbating, eventually ending with him ejaculating, all over me.

That I have never heard of about an MLCer. And this one cannot be sexsomnia. However, having 12 years of dealing with MLC I wouldn't put such a thing past an MLCer. I'm verry sorry both situations happened to you.

Sadly, MLC equals drama - at times of the worst kind. Even Wallowers, the low-energy MLCers, have their drama. Different from High-Energy drama, but still drama. Wallowing drama...
Our Community / Re: Life is like a box of chocolates
« Last post by The lighthouse on Today at 07:53:49 PM »
You've had a lot going on for a long time now so it doesn't surprise me that you've had a bit of a wobble. 

I think at times all the stress and angst just builds without us noticing too much from day to day and then one more thing happens and everything bubbles to the surface.  You were still processing and questioning what your S23 said, then maybe the situation with your Mum was that one more thing you didn't need right now that threw you off balance. 

Hang in there and continue to be kind to yourself.  This too shall pass. xx
Our Community / Re: Thread 31 - Taken by the Wind Part 2
« Last post by Anjae on Today at 07:52:24 PM »
Indeed. Our body catches up with things and reacts to them.

It wouldn't be too strange if the rash had a psychological/emotional root. Think about it, you're wearing the jewels your husband gave you when involved on a EA/PA. Crazy? Maybe, but it seems plausible to me.

The short-term memory loss can be stress/anxiety/depression. Nothing new with a MLCer.

You may need to stop liking such cool bikes.  ;D ;D ;D
Our Community / Crazy Train to Nowhere - 6
« Last post by Reallytrying on Today at 07:51:42 PM »
Recap: Married 15 years at BD - rolled over and said I don’t want to be married anymore. His father had passed away the year before - noticeable depression following that. He moved out the following year 2 days after our 16th anniversary. OW discovered the following year - his former secretary. He had been having an EA with her before he left. He moved in with her and her 3 children about 6 weeks ago.

We have 2 kids, D  16, S-13. D did not take news of move well. H and I have a pleasant enough coparenting relationship. Kids have been with me almost exclusively since BD. They have spent maybe 3 night with him except for a few times I was traveling.

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