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Our Community / Re: No I don't Want Any Guinea Pigs
« Last post by FaithWalker on Today at 06:53:47 PM »
I had a feeling someone would try to get either D or S to take the guinea pigs.

Oooh, I am in desperate need of a pedi.  Maybe after camping!

The pigs should absolutely remain in the pigpen.  ;D

Agree with KIT
Our Community / Re: Still rising
« Last post by in it on Today at 06:50:00 PM »
Rope I'm not saying it has to be forever ...just that you don't deal with his crap for a while so he gets the message you aren't to be talked to in a disparaging way.
But you do whatever makes you feel best.

 You may find out Every. Single. Time. you deal with him

You feel worse.
If there happens to be a sale on switches that turn your brain off for a while, I'll be there!  Women are so good at the monkey braining.  We can imagine the MLCer  in a new affair, married, divorced and back with us in one session of monkey brain training.  Turning things off for a while would be wonderful ::)
Our Community / Re: It's all happening
« Last post by Savoir Faire on Today at 06:40:36 PM »
I hope the procedure goes well for her Never.  Backing off and allowing her to go through this alone will be the best move for you.  Hugs for strength :)
Our Community / Re: The hardest challenge I've ever faced
« Last post by Savoir Faire on Today at 06:37:03 PM »
I agree that doing a 're-hash' of the weeks' events is not productive in IC unless it's uncovering his real issues.  He probably needs to put more effort into deciding exactly what it is he is wanting to achieve.

It sure id difficult to live with them, I have been there and done that :o  Mine was in monster all the time, so it was a bit different.  Your H seems to have more insight and clarity and may well come through a period of transition rather than doing too much damage, hopefully.

Keep working on emotional detachment if you can.
Our Community / Re: The hardest challenge I've ever faced
« Last post by seahorse on Today at 06:36:54 PM »
Exhausted:  Following...  It seems like you’re doing well in learning about MLC and understanding your H better as well as what he’s going through. It’s great that he can consider your suggestions to change his focus at IC.  That should make a big difference, IMO.

Keep up the great work. 
We’re here for you
I have found so much wisdom and comfort in your words. Very curious about the therapist’s insight
Our Community / Re: Not Broken Just Bent
« Last post by seahorse on Today at 06:32:20 PM »
KIT:  Following.  My S also rebels agains his dad and no text, call or card to his father for Father’s Day.  My H is very hurt about that and says I should have MADE him text H to teach him that’s the right thing to do! 

Have a great vacation.  I’m also on the east coast if you’re coming up my way!

Our Community / Re: Crazy Train to Nowhere - 4
« Last post by Savoir Faire on Today at 06:30:38 PM »

Very glad NOT to be in his brain after the party, not a great place to be at all ;D ;)

Sounds like you had a great time and H is still being a MLCer ;D
Our Community / Re: Nightmare Before Christmas
« Last post by seahorse on Today at 06:28:13 PM »
20th CG:  It seems as if your H is resurfacing, which is a good sign.  Still so early though.  He may be less interested in ow, but still happy with his new “single” life which would account for him telling friends that he is so happy. 
He’s probably trying to relive part of his childhood (MLC) in a small town which is why he didn’t want to go rural when he was a “grown man” but wants to be there now that he’s a child again. 
Don’t get your hopes up, and DO NOT start texting him again. The think the thought on father’s day was great, but don’t run with it just because you got a great response.  Hopefully he’ll reach out to you.
Many hugs
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