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Our Community / Re: Ideas for the Next LBS meet up.
« Last post by Standing Strong on Today at 10:40:01 AM »
IF it's in the States...... somewhere with roller-coasters...... fun ones, not the LBS ones.......  8) ;D

I want an after-ride photo of a coaster train upside down full of LBS's screaming.

Wouldn't that be grand?

Our Community / Re: Schrödinger's Cat in a Box
« Last post by Dumbfounded on Today at 10:33:27 AM »
Our Community / Re: 3 great things about you?
« Last post by Dumbfounded on Today at 10:31:09 AM »
This topic is making me smile so much  8)

1. loyal (to a fault)
2. passionate
3. a great capacity for kindness

A typical Scorpio... I bring the best of both worlds to everything.  ;)   
Our Community / Re: The road of patience is a long challenging road.
« Last post by Dumbfounded on Today at 10:10:57 AM »
I don't know how I managed to lose you Shelly. But triple congrats on the TRIPLE Bonus!! 

I just treat communication with the X like a business transaction... like communicating with the insurance company. I don't know the people at the insurance company and for sure I don't know the X anymore. But I have no hope that LB will ever do the work to come through the fog ... so I just leave him to it and build my own happiness.

As for D, just keep sending her unconditional love as best you can. My S is distant now that he is a teenager... every once in awhile I shoot him a heart via text. Nothing else ... he ignores me but I know I have let him know I was thinking about him with love. It has to mean something right? I try to imagine myself as a teeager with a crazy mother texting me radom hearts... outwardly embarrassed but inwardly knowing someone out there loves me.             
Our Community / Re: He’s having a mlc 7 - Courage
« Last post by Cherry Blossom on Today at 10:09:53 AM »
Well put Acorn!  It is MLC-Script.  They seem to know somewhere deep down what the issue is but of course they cannot handle taking responsibility for that.

I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time Rose (within the awful thing that is dealing with an MLC-er).  Sending a virtual hug your way too.  It really is a rollercoaster isn't it?
Our Community / Re: 3 great things about you?
« Last post by AlvinTheMaker on Today at 10:07:38 AM »
Some good sides of me....

1. I can't sing well, but I still love to sing (especially in hot shower)

2. I can't dance well, but I still love to do it

3. I can't draw well, but I still love to do it

So I guess all this makes me..creative, fun (at least I consider my attempts fun), and relentless (chasing my dreams).

Likely could sign also Treasur's great hair note  (at least most barbers I visit talk how awesome  hair I've got), but I hate it because it's so thick and grows way too quickly, lol

I wanted to respond to what you said at the end of the last thread.

You said I was making it like RCR was just opining on the OW.

That's not what I am saying. In fact, her article and those of HB could be pretty accurate. My point was simply what is the function of said articles? I think they are less about presenting facts (even if they are factual) and more about trying to boost a demoralized LBS' self-esteem by comparing the LBS and the OW and painting the latter in a negative light. For some people, this helps them.

Remember the advice is to not pay attention to the OW, yet here are these articles describing the OW. Because no one is going to take the advice and so such articles are necessary.

Our Community / Re: 3 great things about you?
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 09:46:46 AM »
1. I’m an incorrigible optimist.  Eeyore’s nemesis.
2. I do not hold onto grudges.
3. I manage to count my blessings every day.  Even when it’s difficult...
Our Community / Re: Links/Blogs/Articles for us all to share 7
« Last post by Not Your Monkey on Today at 09:42:57 AM »
That's not very encouraging MBIB. Even if my H were to figure out he has CPTSD, we don't live anywhere near where there would be any sort of appropriate therapy available.  :(

It would be nice to hear about some MLCers who managed to get through it WITHOUT therapy. There have to be some.
Our Community / Re: My former spouse just said "he's happy"
« Last post by Rosetintedglasses on Today at 09:29:33 AM »
3 boys

Sorry you have bern feeling blue. Well done taking PJ’s advice.

Thanks for sharing your parents story.

Rose 🌹
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