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My Story Re: "Don't Give up on me". Brian Dunne
« Reply #140 on: January 27, 2019, 08:04:41 PM »
I have two questions regarding T, Superman. When was the last time you asked her out and what was her reply? I get that you were communicating (how? Phone? Text? In person?) And then she backed off, but there are large spaces in your updates where things could have or didn't happen  :).

I mean, she might have backed off because she was scared which is understandable, or she might feel like she is doing all the pursuing and  doesn't like that which is her right or she might just have too much on her plate like you indicated. I was thinking if you hadn't invited her out recently, I know when I am overwhelmed I love to go somewhere where none of it is anything I need to plan or think of. She may not initiate because it's too much to deal with at the moment. It's just a thought.

I am so glad you had that big sturdy truck when that rock appeared, and that nothing but the truck was hurt. I'll bet that plays over and over in your mind at times and I am so glad you are ok.

Was your S assigned a location for his mission, or was he able to request some different places he thought he could help best?

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Re: "Don't Give up on me". Brian Dunne
« Reply #141 on: February 20, 2019, 09:40:47 AM »
Update time:

First off S19 is now able to call, text and video chat home once a week to go along with emailing. For a long time communication was limited so missionaries could stay focused on their purpose and not get caught up in things going on back at home. There have been a lot of kids recently struggling in the mission field and I think more regular communication will help strengthen them. For s19 I know this will be good because he is so centered on our family yet he so wants to serve and help others.

OFFROAD- S19 was assigned to server in the area he is at. When filling out the paperwork, the missionaries can state if they want to stay in their home country, serve abroad, have language skills that might help. Ultimately S19 stated he would serve where ever he was asked to which turned out to be Cincinnati Ohio. He is doing really good, and really likes the area and people.

The girls are doing well. D9 is turning into a shadow of D16. They get along so well together and help each other out all the time. Its the little things like this that reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to be this involved in their lives and not miss.  XW has been communicating a lot with D16...they text a lot and call a lot. I feel like XW is as stable as I have seen in the past 7+ years. While I still disagree with a lot of the things she is doing and the way she is doing them, I am happy for her that she doesn't appear to be in the dark dark place she seemed stuck in. Sounds like the loser will be back soon, and I guess since they didn't get married when they went to Scotland like they planned, I guess they will try to do that here on this visit. What a unbelievable situation when I think about it. While it is very painful still, I try my best to let it go, and keep myself moving forward.

As for Miss T---We have been communicating still almost daily by text keeping the door open. When I see her in person she is quite friendly, but there is definitely a wall that she has put up. I'm pretty certain she was getting some feeling as well and when I talked to her about it, she got scared.  To test my theory on this...valentines day I sent her some beautiful flowers with a simple note saying I was thinking of her. I was expecting either a "I'm not into and this won't work" reaction or  a "thank you, we should get together sometime" reaction. Well her reaction was somewhere in the middle. Then at church this week, he little one saw me across the chapel and I guess kept wanting to come sit by for the whole time. Miss T let me know that while we said hi a little later. Later on I sent her a message saying if she wanted to go to the women's activity this week, that I would happy to watch her little one for a few hours. Her response was that after a long day of work it was hard to think about leaving her kids and not being with them, but she thanked me for the offer and she would think about it.

So I think she is nervous and letting the space be to guard herself, while watching me how I react and conduct I who I say I am? can she trust me? as she has been burned before. So she keeps the distance to where she feels safe yet can still watch me.  I'm in no hurry for anything so if we are to just be friends so be it, if the opportunity to take it further arrives...I'm interested....but I also know how hard it was for me to open myself up to her in the beginning...I know I won't be out searching for the next gal any time soon.  I guess that means time to let time do its thing and work everything out. I am just focused on me and my kids, while trying to keep myself open to what may come my way... For now...thats my strategy.

Another day closer to something.....


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