Author Topic: Meet-Up Would like to meet up with local LBSers pls redirect me if I can't post this  (Read 1155 times)

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We just moved to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 I would love to meet up with some LBSers in the area. Is anyone available and interested??
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Nope sorry Iwantoff, wish I was closer.
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Any LBSs in New England?
PM me if you're interested in meeting

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Central PA????
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9.4.18  Moved back-Living with Parents 
11.1.18  OW moved back.  H living w/her in D's basement room. 
11.18 - H started visiting on holidays
11.26.19 Call from H.  BIL died suddenly.
1.19 - H announced to my inner circle that he moved to sisters  inc all belongings
2.19  H volunteers to house and dog sit whenever.
Spring 19  H visiting house and doing chores on a regular basis

4.83 Started Dating
8.10.85  Married

D -29 Married with 2 children  Lives Local
S - 27 Engaged in Prof School across country
3 Dogs (he left them all behind - taking care of them but not really visiting or interacting with them yet)

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North Texas?
Married 18 years - together 20
BD - 7/17
Asked for Divorce - 9/17
Sold home and moved out  - 1/18
Divorced  - 5/19

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  • One day at a time. And time is my friend.

I'm in South Florida, Palm Beach County.  Not too far!  I'd love to meet somewhere in the middle.  Have you ever been to Captain Hiram's in Sebastian?  I love that place  ;D
Married 11 1/2 years, together 18.  BD 9/2016, 2nd BD 10/16.  H moved out 10/16.  2 AS's from my first M.  Me 55, H 50. OW 23.  Moved back 4/18.  Reconnecting and working on our M.

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"The trick is to enjoy life.  Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones."

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I wish I was.  I think it would be great if there were meet up groups of LBS's.

North West Ohio anyone?

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August 2017 Moved into OM#2 House.  :(

She filed Bankruptcy on 12/21/17.  she had 0 in debt when she left. 

Dec 2017, I quit standing. 

Feb 2019  She becomes engaged to OM#2

Feb 2019  She announces she is pregnant 

May 2019   has a baby at 24 weeks with OM. 

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    Im in southeast michigan.

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Hudson Valley, NY?
Divorce Bomb August 6, 2017
Married 19 years
Together 22 years
Divorced as of January 2019
I don't think I'm standing, but who knows what the future brings.
Two Teenage boys
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OW? I don't know - probably plural

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I’ve met a few LBS in person. Some have become very dear friends. I hope you find a few nearby. If not, try getting on the phone with some you feel connected to. I text often with a few LBS - been a lifesaver. I’m in Washington, DC area.

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I'm in Northern Calif?
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Meetups are wonderful! It is absolutely amazing to spend a weekend with people you have only communicated with on line or by phone...highly recommend getting together with other LBSers if you can. It just takes someone to organize and see what happens.

In the past (but not for several years) there have been meet ups in Luxembourg, Portugal, Leeds, Ireland, Orange County, New York and smaller ones in my own living room in Colorado. When I went to my first one in Luxembourg, it totally changed my perspective on things and really was the start of the healing process for me.
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I'm in Central NY.
Me 38; H 42
Together 22 years; married 13
No kids, no pets

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I'm in New England. In mass

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  • His mlc...too bad for him

Rebecca (MA) and I (RI) are both in New England. 

married 1986
BD April 6 2013 day after family went out for sons birthday.
I packed his bags two days later...semi-vanisher


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