Author Topic: MLC Monster This is how the other woman justifies her actions.  (Read 1578 times)

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MLC Monster Re: This is how the other woman justifies her actions.
« Reply #90 on: October 11, 2018, 06:39:09 AM »
I know that a lot of Other Women are faceless unknowns.  In my case the OW was a close friend of mine.  H and I and OW and her H went out socially.  H was a friend of OWs H. 

Ouch.  Yes, I know a few marriage break-ups that happened a similar way.

The most common "other"--

Young co-worker
Former flame
current "friend" or family member

Gossipers love the double/triple betrayal... the juicier the gossip, right?

Nice job taking the high road, Enyo.

In my case, she was a young co-worker and nobody but his other co-workers even knew she existed.  BUT.... I found out much later that she showed up at a club when my then-husband was playing in his band and I was there with multiple friends.  Again, the ones we are dealing with are rarely "duped". 

married 1986
BD April 6 2013 day after family went out for sons birthday.
I packed his bags two days later...semi-vanisher


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