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Author Topic: My Story My Loving Wife Turned Against Me One Day 7


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My Story My Loving Wife Turned Against Me One Day 7
#10: March 26, 2020, 04:16:33 PM
After watching the movie and reading the book "The Secret, Law of Attraction" I have been using the principles of visualization of what I want to manifest and I have been trying to visualize every day before going to bed that the mother of my children moves back to her house, my neighbor's house, so that the children are free to go back and forth between our backyards and homes. I also act as if it's already happening because in order for that to manifest you really have to believe it. I am visualizing the children coming to my house whenever they want and playing happily in the backyard.
I am single, I have no desire to be in a relationship, I just want to be a good father and a good grandfather someday.
I visualize the mother of my children not giving Amphetamines to my daughter anymore and both my children being very healthy.
I visualize the mother of my children being nice to me, being sorry for what she has done to me and the children and becoming trustworthy.
This is similar to praying except it doesn't have a religious background, it's more universal and it programs by subconscious mind to act in a certain way that will facilitate the positive outcome to happen in real life.
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State: Michigan
Me 42
Her 47
Son 7
Daughter 10
Marriage 8 years
She filed for divorce out of the blue  and walked away 1/11/2016
Divorce was finalized 9/20/2016 after daughter turned 7.
She had a troubled childhood, mother divorced father out of the blue when she was 7.
She was sexually assaulted when she was 4 and 19.
She said in court that I was controlling and abusive.
She has anxiety and schizophrenia.
She was my best friend and now she lost her mind.
She has legal and physical custody of both children.
I am going to the Court of Appeals to get more time with the children after a setup.
She is bringing a man around the children.
I am single.


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