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Author Topic: My Story As surreal as everything else going on!!

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My Story As surreal as everything else going on!!
OP: March 16, 2020, 11:56:43 AM
Hello, I am an old-timer from Class 2011. Being off work due to Covid 19 has given me a few minutes to post. I just had to share this. Only those who have been through it all can get how strange it can get.  XH  is getting married...a destination wedding, no less.  Much to his chagrin, and in attempts to stay connected to an often absent father, our S30  has agreed to be an usher in the wedding. S30 called me last night and said, "Dad came by my work with a cheesey Hawaiian shirt to try on." It seems the theme of the wedding is "Hawaiian" and all the wedding party will be in Hawaiian attire. S30 said, "I had to put my foot down when Dad asked me if I wanted to play the ukulele while he sang a song to his new bride...what planet is he on?"
Appropriate question! XH is 60 years old. We were together for over 35 years. I cannot even wrap my mind around why this big show? Or why he thinks it is a good idea to ask our S30,  from our long union,  to sing at his wedding. As surreal as everything else right now!!!
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As surreal as everything else going on!!
#1: March 16, 2020, 01:44:22 PM
Appropriate question! XH is 60 years old.

Chronologically yes but in his mind? Speaks to me of their desire to deny that they are getting older.

They still are trying to find "happiness".

You are right though, only those who have lived through this can ever start to understand how bizarre it all is.
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