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Author Topic: My Story 2020 with clearer vision - Part 2

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My Story 2020 with clearer vision - Part 2
#100: October 17, 2020, 02:13:27 PM
Sounds like you had a touch and naturally, its time to go back into that shell.
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OW status unknown, don't care, not relevant.

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2020 with clearer vision - Part 2
#101: October 19, 2020, 05:22:30 AM
He's going to have 2 more kids with you? Really?  How is THAT going to happen?  Immaculate Conception?  I mean, it does take a certain physical proximity in order to get pregnant and I am sure that OW would have objections....  ::)
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2020 with clearer vision - Part 2
#102: October 19, 2020, 09:10:09 AM
LBS - It certainly was a strange touch and go.

UM - I do chuckle to myself thinking about that. “Hey Ow. I know you struggle with my three girls but funnt story. I’ve got my ex knocked up. Here’s a 4th, oh and I’ll be having a 5th”.

If I had to guess, it probably comes from a place of fear. He knows i love a big family. I love the house full of noise and kids and all those things. And I guess, as we come to three years his mind is wondering to “it’s been three years. She’s probably found someone else. Oh for what if she has more kids” type thing.

And just to throw this strange T&G a full 360.
Saturday when the girls were with Clinton . They all seemed to be in one bedroom having a sleepover, they ask for this at mine a lot. And they FaceTimed me because they all missed me.

Sunday D9 text me and said she was doing school work. (I do fine this odd as it’s been mentioned in my thread it annoys me he doesn’t do the practical stuff with them and the very next time he has them. He does practical stuff) he then phoned me and said “I’ll be about half an hour with them. Just taking them for a McDonald’s for tea” (he never usually tells me when he is bringing them home!) so I said “right ok” he then said “right we’ll I’m near a few shops. Do you need anything bringing in?” I explained I didn’t.

Then when he brought the girls back he was happy upbeat, chatty even. He stood there and clapped in my kitchen and I looked at him thinking it was sarcastic. He then said “hats off to you what you’ve done to D4 hair. It’s a dream now”. Usually her hair gets notty and matted quite easy but recently I’ve been using a oil in it and brushing it out and it’s helped a lot. I was so shocked that he actually mentioned it.

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Ow met children - December 2019

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2020 with clearer vision - Part 2
#103: October 19, 2020, 01:29:09 PM

I’ve got two more kids in me but I’m only having children to you. I can’t have two baby mummas

Hello, are you Kourtney Kardashian and he's Scott Disick? Wow, quite the confidence. I guess you really don't have much choice in this conversation. Like you stated, he has a habit of focusing on fantasy while ignoring reality. After all, he is at your place having arrived in OW's car because he can't afford to pay to have his own car fixed, He then takes the time to talk of having two more kids with you so you can have the honor of raising all five of his kids on your own while he plays?

Clington gets upset about your drinking while in the meantime he is abusing magic mushrooms. Wow

How did you keep a straight face? Because of that conversation, I am going home after work and having a drink myself.

You just can't make this stuff up,

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