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Author Topic: Discussion Script sentences and WTF moments 2

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Discussion Script sentences and WTF moments 2
OP: September 01, 2020, 02:41:10 PM
First post, posted by Silver:

So call them script sentences or WTF moments,
Here are mine, these are all heard at least once during my journey from XW:

I don't know who I am anymore
I don't want to live in loveless marriage
I never though I would get trapped in my life like this
You were never there for me  :o :o :o
You are crazy
You are delusional/paranoid
You have been depressed for years
I feel like I am in the eye of a hurricane
I feel like I have to walk over anyone that stands in my way
I feel like I have to break my life to pieces
You don't let me change/grow as a person
Can we separate and then maybe get back together
Would you travel abroad with me? (after just left and divorced me)
Can we make a trip as a family? (after divorced months ago)

I'm sure I have more, will update maybe later. Feel free to post your  :o moments.

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A quote from a recovered MLCer: 
"From my experience if my H had let me go a long time ago, and stop pressuring me, begging, and pleading and just let go I possibly would have experienced my awakening sooner than I did."

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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#1: September 01, 2020, 04:43:12 PM
“You’re edgy.” (Bear in kind our marriage counselor had said to me/us “you have an edge!” about a week before that.)

“I love you as the mother of S17”

“You either grow together, or grow apart”.

“We have nothing in common.” 

“You hate my family.”

All of that.  UGH. 
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Re: Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#2: September 01, 2020, 06:58:30 PM
Don’t I deserve to be happy?
You can be committed to two people at the same time.
What if I’m married to you, but I live with another woman?
Don’t you want me to have friends?
I don’t want to die in [town where D and I live].
She’s a lot like you. Exactly like you, in fact.

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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#3: September 01, 2020, 10:37:21 PM
On BD night!
- You have never been with anyone else
- She is not a factor
- We can be friends
- I don’t want to keep hurting you
- The kids will be fine

From a meeting a few months after:
- “In 23 years you never gave me a surprise middle of the night XX”.
- I said that out marriage was easy.  “Our marriage was easy, but that’s not enough”!

Response to his best friends wife that marriage isn’t rainbows and butterflies always... “IT SHOULD BE!!!”

There is more,  but kinda happy that they are getting harder to recall!!!

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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#4: September 02, 2020, 12:57:30 AM
Response to his best friends wife that marriage isn’t rainbows and butterflies always... “IT SHOULD BE!!!”

I heard something similar.... "Marriage shouldn't be like work. It should just happen... A relationship doesn't need to be worked on. If it does, there is something wrong...." ::)
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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#5: September 02, 2020, 04:54:44 AM
"I need to be true to myself"
"I've lost my spark"
"I love you as the father of our children"
"Kids are resilient.  They will be fine"

I somewhat laugh at the last one.  My W comes from a broken home (abusive father).  She is leaving a 20+ year marriage. with no real reason explained to me or our kids.  Her brother no longer works (struggled to keep a job), stole money from family and is divorced.  Yep, divorce has no affect on the kids :)
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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#6: September 02, 2020, 07:01:28 AM
I've never taken a risk, always played it safe!

It's my turn, I've always done what was best for others, now it's my turn!

I love you both!

As said by another, really glad I can't remember most of the madness! Ugg!

Hugs Stayed
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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#7: September 02, 2020, 07:16:31 AM
‘I’ve never been happy since the wedding day.”
“We are not compatible because I love the beach and you don’t.”

And, all that swearing!  This is a guy who never used foul language.  Not in my hearing, anyway. 
All of a sudden, it was F this and F that.  Unreal.  I told him to stop or I would stuff his mouth with a sock. 
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My first thread:

My reconnecting thread:

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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#8: September 02, 2020, 07:34:31 AM
"I feel detached from life and I don't know why."
"I've never felt good enough."
"I look at pictures from our wedding day and I don't remember feeling happy...and you look like you'd rather be playing in traffic."
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Script sentences and WTF moments 2
#9: September 02, 2020, 08:08:56 AM
I love these threads!!!

Let's see if memory serves me....

I just don't feel any "oomph" anymore    (well, since you got me a bed to sleep in a separate
Its not about her, she's not a factor         ( Oh really? In what universe?    >:()
Our son likes you better                     (Well yeah, you are taking him on dates with OW behind my back!  :o )
I have to follow my heart                    (Well the Bible says our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked so I guess that makes sense!  ???)
The dog is too fat.                            (My personal favorite.  ;D ;D ;D)
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