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Forum-Info How Do I get People to Post on my Thread?
« on: July 25, 2011, 08:55:07 AM »
Help! People Aren't Posting on My Thread!
I think Old Pilot had an excellent post about this.
To get more replies my suggestion is to ask questions.
Put you post down in a readable fashion. (not one big block of type- ie hit carriage return frequently).
KISS = Keep it simple stupid

Post on other peoples threads and give them support.
You may not think you are qualified but you will be surprised that you may know something
or have some knowledge of something that others know nothing about.
Personally thank each poster that does post on your thread or ask them a follow up question. 

Sorry that this month the forum has been a little disjointed but I
think that it will start to get back to normal and we will see our traffic increase again.

Keep posting!
I think the most important thing to do to get responses is to post. Sure, post to others, but post on your thread too. That may seem obvious. But if a day or two has gone by without you posting on your thread, it may not get responses if it has fallen down in the cue. So many other threads are above it that people may simply not notice it or go looking. So say something on it just to get it ahead in the cue. Just post about your evening even if nothing seemed to happen or change; it is checking in with your community so we know you are still here.
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