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Author Topic: Mirror-Work Return Stories Part Three

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Mirror-Work Return Stories Part Three
#60: May 17, 2020, 04:26:09 AM
I have 2.   
After major issues fighting and monster The couple was d  (bitter d) and sold their home. Years go by ,(many woman) with some contact.  Some time in this period  he had an awakening , as he said to himself  "what am I doing with my life .Im almost 60."  No change in him such as self reflection. ( I know this because I ran in to him and was talking about my h to him ) (long story) Then he returns to her apt because he has no where else to go. He did not pay much to live there. He was partying and coming home drunk.  They were just roomates at this time.  She decided to change and get her life in order. She moved out of apt and got a new one.  About 6months later , he decided to change. Not long after she got an apology email.  A few months later, his brother suddenly died and she was there by his side.  From then they started going to dinners and hang out.  I guess you can say they are reconnecting. They had been friends since high school. This is probably over the course of 6-7 yrs.  No kids.

2nd one.   Same old story as most. He fell in " love" with someone else. D quickly. He moved in with ow. He was more of a clinging boomerang. After many break ups with ow , each time wanting to go back to his family and wife ( well ex) crying saying he messed up and such but would be right back with other woman. She held her ground each time , she knew he wasnt ready. I think its been about a year since ow was out of picture , still asking his wife to come back. Still not wanting him back. He is always going to the house , almost everyday. Fixing things and what not. I dont know where this will lead as she says she has no feelings for him.  married young.  4 kids  he blew off while out having fun.  This has been about 6-7 years.
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