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Author Topic: My Story Rebuilding It's been exactly 1 year since he said he wanted to come home

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Thanks HDA

Interesting stuff.
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Thanks so much for posting your story!  I am 2 years reconciling with my spouse , and PTSD and triggers and ... well, clearly you know. Your post really did slam me with a reality I give little thought too. ( I appear to be the selfish one now)...but my husband has done and said much the same as yours. Says "anything and forever" to make it up to you and to forgive me. And he tries hard. Thanks for that long list of changes in your husband ... mine has the same list . Well, almost. And I still struggle. I am happy to hear your "happy ending".!  ( my husband also came home very quickly )
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Married April 1985
5 children
Bomb Drop April 2013
Thrown out of house August 2013
Affair discovered November 2013 (i guessed who)
Home December 3 2013
The Journey Of Reconciliation .. is for the brave .

Anger is like a candle in the wind ... it blows out the light of all reason.

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But by God's grace I am what I am.

March 22, 2015 But it is true, I no longer see myself as the problem or as the solution.

Feb 1, 2017 no hope = no expectations = no disappointments

Aug. 8, 2017 She has lung cancer
Sept. 12th 2017 She has surgery and is expected to fully recover and be cured

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Hi, HappierDays.

Thank you for your update. I've merged your threads. The previous one was only 3 pages long. Also, that way we can have a better idea of how things have unfolded for you.
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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. (Marilyn Monroe)

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His toxic shame has cause him to self loathe which in turn numbed him from any kind of agape and I don't want a man who cannot receive my love because that just means he cannot give me love. I see that now and I deserve more. I love hard and I want to be loved hard in return.

Such true words just learning myself how toxic all the shame and self criticism has been to our relationship
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I see you posted on fellowship about issues you are having so I am bumping up your thread in case you want to talk about it here.
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