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Discussion Re: Ask a Mentor 9
« Reply #40 on: December 08, 2018, 06:30:04 AM »
Is there an explanation somewhere , of why some sites don't believe in mlc , such as marriage helpers? How can it be denied when these mlcers , act and say the same thing? It is textbook.  i find it hard to believe that their craziness has to do with just an affair/ limerence.

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Re: Ask a Mentor 9
« Reply #41 on: January 05, 2019, 03:50:42 AM »
Hello there,
I am at cross rode, i need a mentor ......
It has been long time in my journey as LBS (4 years), i did all the mistakes, i have learn a lot of my self....i am ready to become normal person and feel normal with me and because of me, i am far away from there, yet.
I do not want to stand in the same way i did up to now, i want to continuous live as almost normal person, if MLCW want to join me on my way and be, what i need as woman next to me, so be it, if not i will make it...
I did some changes:
1. I confront OM3 4 months ago and OM2 15 days ago....that was my 180, she was very "surprise", MLCW did not talk to me, she is very angry and heat me (i think), most of the time i am not afraid.
2. 15 days ago i stop snooping, i made commitment to my self, to not do again i need mentor, to whom i want to be responsible (like sober addict).
3. At the moment, i am preparing a flat for my self to live there, i am mentally prepare my self for , separation, divorce, face monsters ...and so on. Here i also need mentor, to be my back when i want to go back in limbo (my MLCW is lo energy). In the past by snooping i did know, when MLCW play games, see OM, what talking/lying to i will not know, nothing except what i will see and hear, and if she start playing hard (to keep me stuck), i am afraid, that i will bust my hopes - and fall back in limbo -- so here i need a mentor to bring me to the reality ...

Just to say:6 year ago i have cheated to my wife, 4 years ago i confess to her ...that was the beginning of her MLC (i think)....during the time, Silver and Thunder, payed the most attention to me, and i am very thankful to them and the all others, if Silver is able, i will appreciate if he will be my Mentor...many months ago he ask me to stop snooping (i was too week then, and i did not), now i am at least strong enough, to not snoop.....
So i am ready to start, walking out, from limbo world.

That is my story :

thank you very much in advance..
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