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Our Community / Re: MLC picture show round 2
« Last post by sachat3 on Today at 01:45:14 AM »
I really need to find something don’t I. It’s funny because when I’ve been out shopping with friends that know the situation if I pick up a nice top or skirt or whatever they will literally say “I give it a week from you posting it to her getting it” and we sit doing a count down.

I suppose it’s lucky for me that seeing things she’s posted, seeing her copying me etc doesn’t make me angry any more. It humours me. My friend has given me his log in to his Instagram he gave it me a while back and luckily I’ve never used it yet.

Originally we were doing to get a dog. D2 is on the autistic spectrum and I’ve read a lot about how they can help etc etc. But we never got to the “ready” stage of having a dog. We will still get one. Just probably a few years from now. Whereas in comparison to a dog, the kittens are much much much easier.

What’s funny to note Aswell is, now we all know Clington is clingy AF. About half an hour before he was due to collect kids my friend sent me a screenshot of a quote Ow uploaded. She uploaded this on Thursday - note Thursday was the day he was helping me with the door. The quote said “Stop making excuses for him. He’s knows exactly what he’s doing” funnily enough, my friend went to see Clingtons IG and said he thought he had blocked him so I checked my blocked list and Clington has gone. So he’s completely deactivated his IG. This is the easily 3/4 time he’s done this since being with Ow!

I saw his car pull up on the drive and so he looked at me as he was getting out. He tried smiling at me but it was a weak AF smile. Very forced. So I knew he was in a mood. He comes in. I call the kids. He picks up the bag of their things which was on the side and he says “see you tomorrow” and they all go to Clingtons. Honestly he must have been in the house a minute.

On a side note me and my friends are betting that she’ll call the dog sacha!
Our Community / Re: General MLC Questions ?
« Last post by Keep believing on Today at 01:34:42 AM »
My question was , can rcr expand on the subject?  please  I know timelines arent an exact but curious.   Is limbo considered around the end of replay?
Our Community / Re: Journey of one Sun
« Last post by sachat3 on Today at 01:33:33 AM »
Fwiw you found like your doing very well
Our Community / Re: A Pink fridge moment III.
« Last post by sachat3 on Today at 01:29:23 AM »
I can’t say Clingtons driving got worse after BD because quite frankly he’s always driven recklessly. He got into the mentality that “I drive like this nothing bad happens so I’ll be fine” although fairly soon before BD a few months or so he did get into a minor car crash where he went into the back of someone.
Our Community / Re: My Moving On Story pt. 3 - Under Your Scars
« Last post by hawk on Today at 12:37:36 AM »
Yeah , been told similar , l accept now that the past is still messing with me and l try to be honest about it.
l think personally it's great the way you guys keep chipping away together yet still connect and likeminded , hard to find, and that she's been into you for a long time, great stuff imo.
Soldier on until your own further notice imo, best of luck.
Our Community / Re: My Moving On Story pt. 3 - Under Your Scars
« Last post by Thundarr on May 18, 2019, 10:40:33 PM »
I have learned in therapy that when something bothers me it is usually related to something in my own past history.

I am thinking through what is it about his posts that is causing my reaction?

So in spite of some differing of opinions, I shall use this to further explore why it matters to me at all

I think you’re onto something here.  I’ve been wondering why you continue to follow my thread if it bothers you so much since you could always just skip right past it.  Perhaps it’s the fact that we share the same faith, that I was a stander for 5 years or perhaps our friendship of 8 years now.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a male.  I don’t know but I don’t think it’s what it seems.  I hope this exploration can lead to more healing for you, my friend.  You deserve it.

Thank you Anjae, FTT, LP and all who’ve weighed in.  The fact that we’re having this discussion at all is a very good thing and my comment about providing support was about all those who read the threads and see commonalities with those who are posting.  My earliest posts evoked a great deal of discussion and I’ve had many tell me over the years that they learned from me but moreso from those who shared their perspectives and insights.  Somewhere out there is an LBS who has the same questions I do but does not ask them.  I’m more than happy to comment on others threads but since I am somewhat of a rogue here I probably should wait to be invited.

My comment about sex was in reply to Ready’s question about what I’m getting from the relationship and nothing more.  No details will be shared about that.

Gf and I are healing and she’s ahead of me in some ways as I am of her in others.  We learn from each other.  Today we attended a party thrown by a mutual friend who has been a great resource in helping me understand gf and navigate the relationship rapids.  We were all talking together tonight about gf pursuing me long before I even knew she was interested and segued into what’s great about us.  Basically we’re both “weird” in a good way and get each other where not many do.  We talked about how our friend and her H are so happy and in love 10 years later and how they both had several failed relationships before meeting someone they truly connected with.  Go and the mutual friend are very much alike and are much more sensitive and perceptive than the average person from my experience so they understand each other.  It made me feel good to hear gf mention what she likes about me, and today was the first time ever (according to her) that she’s ever let anyone drive her vehicle.  She does fulfill my emotional needs and I know she has long- term plans for us but gets skittish when focusing on them so we e decided to relax and enjoy our time together and focus on the present.

One topic to bring up is how others have overcome insecurities in their new relationships.  She has commented that I over-analyze and question us too much and she’s right.  Fears of infidelity or comparisons to past lovers are hard to overcome. Having a partner who has lived a full life without us is much different than the one with the young inexperienced ex.  I’ll go into it deeper later but I’m sure it’s something we all face to varying degrees.

Peace to you all.

Our Community / Re: Full Moon Alert V
« Last post by UrsaMajor on May 18, 2019, 10:13:21 PM »
Sorry this is late.... I'm ha Ing a bit of  problem with my Router at home.....  I hadn't read the text when I copied it but I can say I had the oddest dreams last night.... VERY strange.....
Tonight will be the Full Flower Moon, named because of all the flowers blossoming and blooming at this time. May's Full Moon is also known as the Bright Moon because it is very bright and the Corn Planting Moon because this is the time when farmers would plant corn for it to be ready for the harvest.

Like nature at this time, we are blossoming, we are growing day by day with the strength of the Sun. Like solar panels we are soaking up the suns energy. The Full Moon is in Scorpio and it shines its light in the darkest places, encouraging us to peer in and see what’s there. Things that were once hidden will show themselves to us, You cannot hide anything from a Scorpio. We will be able to see ourselves and others in a whole new light and look at our lives more clearly.

Like a scorpion shedding its skin as a form of renewal, the Full Moon in Scorpio calls to each of us to shed the layers that are bringing a rebirth, allowing a new skin to emerge. Welcome change, allow your light to penetrate the dark areas of fear, shame and deep seated resentment that lies hidden underneath. Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life, use the potential of the Full Moon to symbolically die to be reborn.

This Full Moon emotions will be raw, we may find we are feeling a flow of different emotions and a feeling of being pulled in many different directions. There will be storms both in weather and in our lives. We may have trouble sleeping and when we do we may experience weird and vivid dreams. Don't worry this will pass in the next few days.

The Scorpio Full Moon will bring lessons in self transformation pulling you toward a more effective destiny, such as moving on to bigger and better things. Continue to maintain balance as you clean up the residue of what is already fractured in your life to allow new and positive beginnings to start. We are now in a new era, and are on the threshold of things beginning to develop a lot more quickly than they have in recent months. While things may still feel somewhat slow, they are about to quicken in a big way.

These are magnificent times. Change and life shifts are to be welcomed. Let the energy of this Full Moon help you see where you are emotionally stuck and resistant. Surrender to the universal gifts that are coming your way. Let the waters of Scorpio wash over you and cleanse your emotional pain and heal you.

Full Moon blessings
stillbaffled - I have made copies of every check and envelope per my attorney's advice. I was filing the copies away and it really is so incredibly noticeable. The early ones, I suspect were because he was very angry with me and resented the support payments, etc. But the ones over the past few months have just been very perplexing. I shared a couple of them with a friend of mine who has a degree in Psychology and she said they really are incredibly fascinating.

I am honestly convinced he is not doing this to jerk me around. I don't think he knows how to handle me or any of this madness he unleashed. I am not reacting the way he thought I would and that has him in part unsettled. I know the name thing for him was a big deal. There are times when he addresses them they are similar to the love letters he sent me in college in terms of how he addresses them - with my first and given middle initials and my maiden name. Those make some odd sense to me, as that was his nickname for me for a long time when we started dating.

But now, I have no idea what the new sequence suggests. Just one of those odd things. And his own signature is so incredibly odd now. No one would every believe it in RL. But, I have the photo evidence and the women at the bank all have witnessed it. I am just grateful they cash the checks. - LOL

I worked this afternoon at the new college space. It was insanely quiet because of graduation. I sat and did some grading. D came with me, but her boyfriend picked her up after he got out of work. I stopped at the post office on my way home to mail out a package for BIL and SIL from D and then had to run home before going back out.

I had originally planned to go directly from work to an art opening but the outfit I had on earlier was meant for the warm weather and the temperature had dropped significantly. I hadn't thought about the temperature changing and should have grabbed a different outfit. I flew home and needed to be in the middle of the city by 7:30 to make sure I had time to look around before the show closed at 8:00. I was home at 6:40 and had a 45 minute drive if traffic behaved.

My M called on my way home and was very concerned I was going to be alone. I told her that is what my life is sometimes - me having to do things on my own. She and my F were going earlier and going out to dinner with friends. I said I would be fine.

I arrived at home to find S's friends here. His one friend was sweeping my side patio under the pergola and it had been weeded. The other friend was managing the dog. Another friend was out in the orchard running the tractor with the rototiller on it and leveling things out. S was next door helping the neighbor with something for a moment. I took it all in and asked what was up. They said they were all just helping out. I didn't have time to really process this. If it had been any other opening reception, I would have skipped it, but my F had several pieces in this show and I wanted to make sure I made an appearance.

And this is how rumors get started …

I said my hellos to S's friends. I had briefly touched base with S early in the day and hadn't told him my plans, just said I was out for the evening. D was at the movies with her boyfriend and his family. So, when I saw S's friends, I quickly had run into the house, grabbed a clean dressy, off the shoulder sweater, a pair of stiletto pumps and ran into the bathroom, changed quickly and freshened up my make up and hair and was out the door in 10 minutes. As I was getting into my car, I said to the friends, I was running late and would catch them later.

I arrived at the opening and was able to see the artwork. As I rounded the corner to go out the door and was thinking I was feeling rather hungry and considering what restaurant I wanted to go to when I heard someone call my name. It was one of my colleagues from the college - the man my Xh accused me of having an affair with. His W broke her leg and didn't want to come out tonight. We chatted a bit and decided to grab dinner nearby.

We were in a part of the city that is where everyone hangs out in the summer months. I ran into people I knew, as did my colleague. We chose a spot outside and had a good time catching up and talking about the end of the semester. We had a small dinner and decided to split a dessert. As we were splitting the piece of cake in half, the woman who saw me out with my coworker several months ago -- the friend of OW's walked by. I shook my head and thought how perfect - LOL.

I came home and S was still up. He said who did I have a date with. I gave him a WTF look and he said his friends said I ran into the house, threw my clothes on the hook in the bathroom (I did) and left in a very sexy sweater outfit. He said I told them I had a date. I was ready to explain when he added that "dad called and wanted to know who you were out with". S told Xh that he didn't know but his friends said I looked really hot. I burst out laughing and said to S, "gee thanks for adding fuel to that fire". I explained how my evening had unfolded and no, I was not out on a date, that I had told them I was running late. In fact it was a chance meeting and no, we did not eat of the same fork, etc. S knows my colleague and laughed at that idea.

I laughed and told S that clearly I cannot get away with anything. He said his friends look out for me. ;D
Our Community / Re: BURNING MAN 8
« Last post by readytofixmyselffirst on May 18, 2019, 08:54:04 PM »

Sounds like an amazing concert. I am home watching the Warriors beat the Trailblazers. My team, the Lakers are very interesting. They are a Left Behind Spouse as they aren't even in the playoffs and their entire operation is like an MLCer.

Go figure!

You have your hands full in regards to your w. However, I think you are doing great with your boys. My best advice is what I read on another thread is what are you going to change within yourself in regards to your MLCer as the only person you can control and change is yourself. You can flip the switch within yourself and it might influence your w. Keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.

Well, I am drinking a Pina Colada and about to call it a night.

Have a good one,


Our Community / Re: BURNING MAN 8
« Last post by Watcher on May 18, 2019, 07:56:44 PM »
Multiple reasons Thunder however control is probably #1.  She was all dressed up and wanted to see the atmosphere. I definitely have two flat tires and I couldn't repair either. One is a slow leak and the other is good for about an hour or two.

This place is packed so this will be a late night pick up and IDK how we will even coordinate it. Jason Aldean has too many good songs. "Shes Country', "You Make it Easy", When the Lights Come On', were the crowd favorites.

Well this one just wrapped up and Aldean lived up to the hype.  ;D
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