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Our Community / Full Moon Alert VI
« Latest by UrsaMajor on Today at 12:12:53 AM »
Here is another take....

August’s Full Moon In Aquarius Is All About Justice

Beautiful pink and purple full moon rise at sunset on the Gold Coast Australia
Another month, another full moon — but 3rd August’s full Sturgeon Moon is about to bring us some intense energy. In the sign of altruistic Aquarius, this moon, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, is asking us to seek justice and embrace change. “Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the zodiac and when it’s fully lit up by the glow of the moon, we will all seek ventures that call for us to be more in sync with the modern rhythms of society and to revel from the past and conservative beliefs,” she tells Refinery29.
Uranus seeks social change and justice, and is the modern ruler of Aquarius, she explains. “During this luminary Uranus, who’s in Taurus, will square the Aquarius moon. This means it will be important to take action around transforming our views and scope of information,” she says. Open yourself to learning new things and new causes to believe in — now’s the time to fully commit, and get out and protest for what you believe in.
Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, tells Refinery29 that the power of Mars is also present during this full moon in the form of a sextile. “This will inject us with the energy we need to keep on fighting,” she says. “From its current position in Aries, Mars is the ultimate warrior staple that, when channelled appropriately, can help us to keep our inner fire going.”
Which is a great sign — we know that activism is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’ve been collectively going full steam ahead for righteous causes since early June. “While some form of collective healing will take place during this full moon thanks to the sextile this moon forms with asteroid Chiron, there’s a lot more that needs to be done,” she says. And she’s right.
“This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year and can act in ways that are random and volatile,” Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, tells Refinery29. During this celestial happening, it’s important to keep a calm attitude and approach things in an intelligent and grounded manner, she explains. “For those who thrive on change, this moon can seem electric.”
That’s not all. “This full moon will play out in the US and the world in terms of sudden and unexpected — if not explosive — events,” Hale says. She points to concern with finances, unstable political situations and even news concerning women. “In the US President Donald Trump’s chart, this full moon shows revelations, or situations that will become revealed and it’s possible a health problem could surface now or in the near future as it ‘sets off’ his current transit of Uranus square natal Pluto,” she says. “Pluto also deals with power struggles, bullying tactics, sex and money.”
Pretty intense, right? But there are ways we can use this full moon for good, Live the Light, psychic empath and advisor at, tells Refinery29. “It’s a powerful time for manifesting goals if you know how to harness the energy,” she explains.
To make the most of this full moon, Live the Light says, first take a break. “Turn off your devices, step away from the chaos of the world and just be,” she recommends. Relax, unwind and take a breather. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to calm your mind.
“Find a quiet space where you can be alone,” Live the Light advises. “Breathe in gently through the nose and out through the mouth. As you inhale, affirm that peace and serenity are entering your body. As you exhale, affirm that fear, worry and self-defeating thoughts are leaving your body.” She says that this process will allow you to invite tranquillity and stillness into your life — something we’re all in need of after a hectic 2020.
And finally, prepare to dream. “Once your mind is clear it’s time to identify what you truly want,” Live the Light says. “Is there a dream or goal that you have always desired to reach? Is there a relationship you want to improve? A skill you want to learn? Take a pen and paper and write it all down.”
Then, she says, ask yourself: What is one thing I can do now to make this dream a reality? “Once you have the answer, commit to doing so within the next two to three days and after that, add additional steps to follow throughout the month.”
Full moon energy can be felt two to three days before its inception and two to three days after it ends — so use these steps to take advantage of this moon and clear your mind, quiet your emotions and focus on long-term goals.
Standing, or even if she moved to part time it might really help.  Especially if it were more of a “hobby” job that she enjoyed.  It would give her purpose, but not be overwhelming. 

Without kids (even with kids), staying home without an outlet might not help the depression, but exasperate it.  Just a thought.
Oh Milly, God bless you, I needed a friend like you today. Thank you for your wisdom, and gentle reminders. 💗
3boys, I completely understand your frustration at this point. Been there. Unfortunately, 3 years usually makes no difference to their crisis. Actually, at 3 years, they are as deep as can be. His monster and financial neglect of the kids is just a sure sign that he is still in Replay. His money is still his money. He doesn't share.

I also understand your feelings regarding the OW. Very difficult to give no thought to someone who is a major contributor in the destruction of your family. It's been the same for me. The anger and disbelief that someone would knowingly and in a determined manner pursue someone else's H is unbelievable to me. Then yours was a friend, so that is a double betrayal. Lots to let go. However, being 3 years ahead of you, I'm going to tell you that you gradually give less attention to the OW just because they are not worthy of our attention. The OW usually keeps showing what a wreck of a person they are. As you say, she has no friends. Everyone can see what kind of person she is and avoid her, except the man in crisis. Your H has to keep going through his crisis, and hopefully he will eventually start thinking mature thoughts.

How do you stand? Don't think of it as standing. You keep focusing on yourself and living life as best you can for you and the boys. And what will happen will happen.
"The wheels on the bus go round and round.... round and round....... the wheels on the bus go......."


W finally arrived at her mom's house late yesterday afternoon/evening. That's good. No call or anything to let me know (not a surprise).  ::)

I have been on a roll with exercise!! 14 miles walked today, and started putting together my weightlifting routine.   ;D ;D ;D
So very excited.
The call of the cheeseburger is the hardest thing to ignore: Every time I finished walking I hear the call of the cheeseburger...... "SS..... come.... EAT ME!!!!". LOL!!!
All I have to do is think of the calories and grams of fat & carbs, and I run home to my water and protein shakes.  :P
Tonight though... I answered the call...... by cooking my own using 97% lean hamburger and a low calorie/carb tortilla for a bun!!! It was sooooooo good!!!!
1/2 lb of meat, onion, spicy mustard and two slices of Velveeta (low calorie) and low calorie popcorn instead of fries. It was amazing. 500 calories for the whole thing.

W called tonight on video...... was it to see how I was doing? Nope. It never is. LOL!! She looked so tired and run down. Poor thing. No, she called me to let me know she'll be staying an extra week so she can spend time with her mom. Well, that's ok. I think it's good she does that. I told her what's going on in my life, and then asked her to tell me something. She went on a long rant about her job....... and it was interesting. She's completely disillusioned about work, finds no joy in it.  She's having trouble with her boss, and he is going to be very unhappy she's going to be out another week. She knows she can't change jobs during COVID and also knows she can't get another job that pays as much anyway. She says she's stuck. No motivation to do anything, no happiness.
She looks at me and sees I'm on fire and a success at everything I'm working on, and attributes that to "me being a man, and everything is easier if you're a man........ you get everything handed to you".  ???
Well, I work darn hard to succeed and it has nothing to do with me being a man. I work in a female dominated environment, and I had to turn heads to win them over.
Then she went over all her accomplishments and how they are all for nothing at her job. I suggested that learning how to do these things builds to something bigger, better and actually fulfilling........ she says "I know you believe that..... the eternal optimist.......... sometimes that is really annoying".
Well, my poor W........ oh to work together on something of value...... I hope and pray, someday.
I don't know if this is selfish or not..... I would so love for her to be a housewife. This stress and hustle of the corporate world is not good for her (it never has been). She just goes goes goes, and shakes herself to pieces. It would be so good just to have her be herself. I know that is impossible now, but I would be happy with a simple life of me bring home the bacon and her just to be carefree and......... still. For her to know peace.
Oh to have a helper, and not someone who just needs help.

So I have an extra week alone!! More time to work on this body and turn it into a SEXY BEAST  :P 8) ;D

Always a thread of silver in the lining.

One day at a time,

Our Community / In doubt
« Latest by Cootje on August 03, 2020, 08:00:58 PM »
Thank you all so much for your support.
My H has definitely filed for the divorce. There had to be some legal action ( also from my point of view), since our house has been sold, he moved into an apartment ( since March this year) and even though I have a very good job, I can’t afford our house on my own. We are married without any arrangements, so I am totally financial responsible for his financial actions ( and he is for mine). I have to move out of our house before the first of November. Now looking for an rental or buying a house for myself. In order to buy a house, as long as we are not divorced or have incorporated a ( I think you call it pre-nub arrangement?), he has to co-sign for my mortgage. Considering the continuous changing his mind and restlessness, I really didn’t feel comfortable by agreeing to that. He took that as a sign of ill faith ( which I think it is, but I have to be careful when it comes to financial responsibility I think during MLC although he has never, not even uptill now, has done me any wrong financially wise.
Anyway, I suggested to have the arrangement build in into our marriage. But he felt better with filing the D. Since we already have everything in place and, as he puts it, he does this out of love for us. So that I can buy an house as soon as possible and that it will help restore our relationship in the long run..
He says he wants to grow old with me, loves me and that he knows theare is no future with the OW. He says that if he had really wanted to, he could have had a serious relationship with here the past half year and that that hasn’t happened.
He says he has broken up with her, told her that he doesn’t want contact anymore and today he told me that Debussy’s blocked his number ( I only think, so you checked otherwise you wouldn’t have known..).
He has helped me sorting things out in our home today, helped me with the garden, was wearing his wedding ring ( it is not a classical wedding ring but still). And he has been very kind, helping to find a suitable home for me. Went back home to his apartment and will return tommorow to help me again with sorting out all our stuff and clearing out the house.
He asked if he could join me when I am seeing my coach. He has been reading books about dealing with emotions, has put our special painting ( a man and woman in love) on the wall in his apartment.
It’s so confusing. I don’t know if he is really trying to Resist temptation and trying to stay with me, or if he is acting out of guilt and waiting for me to have a new house and to have de D in place before he feels free to go to his OW...
perhaps it’s both..
I have to focus on getting a new place to live. I the meantime, since we will be divorced soon and won’t have a mutual home to return to anymore.. I feel like I want to use these days to plant some positive seeds for the future..
I am expecting that he will ‘leave’ me again (although he hasn’t returned home at this point, but expressed the will to work on our relationship). I just hope that it will take some time to be honest. Don’t know if that’s a wise path to follow, but I don’t want to get to no contact at this moment. Also because I have no proof that he is contacting his OW right now while working with me ( if I do I think I will go into No Contact mode).
What do you more experienced LBS make of this?
I feel I still want to stand, even though I will be divorced soon, since for me it’s only for my necessary  financial independence.
Hoping for some wise thoughts  :-\
Our Community / Re: COVID-19, Coronavirus. Its real, stay safe! #4
« Latest by marvin4242 on August 03, 2020, 07:28:44 PM »
Two new studies seem to point to children under 14 being less susceptible to getting Covid-19, but being almost twice as virulent an agent of spread of the disease. If this holds up then it would really put a brake on any country trying to reopen schools quickly.

“ The researchers found that although young children had a somewhat lower risk of infection than adults and were less likely to become ill, children age 14 and younger transmit the virus more efficiently to other children and adults than adults themselves. Their risk of transmitting Covid-19 was 22.4 percent—more than twice that of adults aged 30 to 49, whose rate of contagiousness was about 11 percent. “Although childhood contacts were less likely to become cases,” they wrote, “children were more likely to infect household members.””
Our Community / My New Normal 3.0
« Latest by xyzcf on August 03, 2020, 06:20:07 PM »
I had received it a few weeks is hard to listen to after so many years...but oh she describes the pain so well.
Our Community / Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear
« Latest by stillbaffled on August 03, 2020, 05:38:54 PM »
Generic sneakers??!  It's doesn't ever seem to end for LB.   ::)

Will your S be in school or is it distance learning where you're at?  And is D on a college campus or is she distance learning as well? 

Bring on the bball! 

Nice that LB forked over the dough - I was worried you were going to write that he didn't have any for the kids because he needed new wheels! 
Our Community / Hello - new to this board, seeking support
« Latest by Wonder on August 03, 2020, 05:19:14 PM »
Thanks Thunder,

I do know there was no PA before left. Just a little personal insight I have.
I don't try to torture myself. I don't know but what I do know is he is very very broken and ran home to his mother 'for loving and nurturing'. He ran to his mums not the arms of another woman when he left.

Deep breaths. Thank you

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