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Our Community / Re: Madness...? This is MLC!
« Last post by Sam I Am on Today at 06:47:43 AM » are doing so well.

He is spinning like crazy but you are holding your ground and not letting his spinning make you dizzy.

Keep it up!  You have come so far!  Your awesome!
You sound so sane, Sam.  Good for you!
As for the guardian angel keeping an eye on your H, let’s hope it is a positive thing for your H.  You and I both know, no one can fix him. 

You are leaving your H alone to sort out his emotional turmoil, I believe that is absolutely the best thing we can ‘do’. 
Our Community / Re: Is this really my new Chapter...part 3
« Last post by Sam I Am on Today at 06:46:28 AM »

Congrats on the new job and also the way you are handling things!  You could feel the lightness and brightness in you as you told your story today!  Good for you!
Awesome that you got to spend the weekend with family and had a great time!  So happy for you!  thanks for sharing!
Our Community / Re: Will she ever return ? I cant let go
« Last post by Thunder on Today at 06:41:26 AM »
This is all hard, semper.  I'm sorry.

You will get stronger as time goes on.

Enjoy your dog!   :)
Our Community / Re: Trust the MLC process???
« Last post by UrsaMajor on Today at 06:39:37 AM »
S: "Doctor, it REALLY hurts when I stick this fork up my nose...."
Doc: "Then STOP sticking the freaking fork up your nose!"

Well, it's done now and you've learned the lesson... The question is WHY would you feel the need to inflict that kind of pain on yourself? What is teh purpose behind it? To say "Done?" You can do that without sticking the fork up your nose.... To give yourself permission to say "Done?" Again, you can do that without sticking the fork up your nose too...
Our Community / Re: No I don't Want Any Guinea Pigs
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 06:31:53 AM »
I just keep thinking... it doesn’t have to be this way. Why is it this way? Why is this way better than being a family?

Even in his MLC addled brain, I very much doubt that he thinks the present life is better than what you all had before MLC train wreck.  From your description of his behaviour, it sounds like he finds little shots of very shallow and superficial ‘fun’ with his enabling toxic friends - all he is capable of at this stage.  Sigh...

It sure is frustrating and annoying for ANYONE, let alone a LBS, to watch a grown man talking and acting like an immature adolescent.  Maybe that was an insult to all adolescents. Sorry, young ones!

Yep, definitely you go and have fun with your kids.  Enjoy the beach! 
Not to make fun of it but I'm thinking ANY meeting with your xH Mid-Lifer for ANYONE would be

But, you know, if you were perfect and did it right every time, you'd be a middle-eastern carpenter's son about 2000 years ago...
Hi NoEx, I’m quite sure our Hs are communicating with each other!  From feeling more comfortable with people he distanced from while in the depth of the MLC tunnel, to slowly weaning himself off the need to cram his life with work and anything else that would keep him busy (escape and avoid  ::)) . 

Your brave mom... So much discomfort and yet keeping in touch with the loved ones.  She is a hero.  I’m sure the interaction with you and the family delights her and gives her something precious to look forward to.  I wish I could give her a hug.  I wish you much strength in caring for her.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) and may you soon feel the twins kicking.  Nothing like it in the world!
Our Community / Re: Things that make you go hmm.
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 06:11:45 AM »
Another bump from me, too, Steel!
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