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Author Topic: MLC Monster LBS Stages 4

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MLC Monster Re: LBS Stages 4
#60: February 02, 2020, 09:49:51 AM
Yes, ow co worker, 16 yrs younger, never been married and no kids. Ex h is with her 24/7 as she now does his hobbies with him aswell xx
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Me 52
Divorced 3/dec/2019
Together 30yrs
BD 20/10/2014
Left first 12/12/2014
10 come backs and leaves again for same ow
Last left 7.03.17.
Ow 16 yrs younger, no children never been married. co worker. EA turned to PA and lives with ow
Divorce bomb drop by him 31/8/17 by solicitor letter after being caught by ow at lunch with me 3 wk earlier. Finances Not yet finalised.
Crazy divorce started by him.
Clinging boomerang for 3 yrs now Vanisher but  twice a yr pops his head up. ow has balls in a vice!

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Re: LBS Stages 4
#61: February 02, 2020, 12:00:51 PM
RP -
My H's ow does his hobbies with him as well.
I think that's a pretty normal part of integrating into their lives.
On the other hand, I am out doing new things that we've never done together.
Partly because it hurts to do things alone that we used to do together, but part of it GAL and exploring what I was unable to in the past.

My H posted photos of ow and our boat last summer.
Tore my heart a that was the boat that our family used to use at our lake house.
Just the same-ol for them though. 
Somehow they (MLCer) seems to believe that as long as they're doing it still, nothing changes...

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